Friday, September 21, 2012

World's Largest Brush Pile

Wow, I'm behind on posts.  The poor blog is only a month old and I'm already neglecting it!  We've been busy the past two weeks doing projects around the house like yard work, hanging curtains and shelves, etc.  We've also had other people finish several things around the house including a new fence and new plantation shutters.  The shutters are a big improvement over the temporary paper shades we had up!

While both boys were at preschool one day Bryan and I spent about 4 hours outside with a chainsaw and loppers to clear out the excess brush in front of our house.  Many houses in our neighborhood have a more 'natural' look to their front yards but we wanted the house to actually show from behind the trees and bushes!  Bryan cut down everything that was dead first and then we went after the scraggly youpon bushes that are characteristic of our area.  

The result was the world's largest brush pile (which fortunately our fence guy, Miles, picked up our smaller piles with his Bobcat and put them in one big pile for us).

And here's the front of the house now:

We definitely still wanted trees but are really pleased with the results!  We still need to go through it with a weed-eater and then hope to put a huge amount of mulch in there to help it look more polished.   It's been a lot of work but definitely worth it!  So much for sitting on the couch eating bon bons while the kids are at preschool!

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