Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Weekend in Pictures

I got a little behind by not blogging for the past couple days, so today's post will be a 'weekend in review' with lots of pictures.  

We started off the weekend with the delivery of two new chairs and a matching ottoman for our living room.  Our couch, Bryan's leather chair, an area rug and sofa table were already delivered about a week ago.  It is really helping our house to look more like a home!

Trying out the new chairs with Caleb

Joshua lounging in Daddy's chair.
This is the new face he makes when we tell him to say "cheese"

A view of our new living room furniture! The house is still a work in progress but this is a big improvement from the temporary couch we had from Big Lots while we waited for this furniture to come in.

We've discovered that Joshua shares Caleb's love of corn on the cob.  Bryan and I grilled steaks and corn and the boys got to enjoy some grilled hot dogs since they don't quite appreciate a good steak!  Joshua also had sliced tomatoes on his plate.  He LOVES tomatoes!  He cried when we took his corn cob away.  He ate every last bite!

Caleb learned about bald eagles on Little Einsteins and told me at dinner, "This is what a bald eagle looks like."  He cracks me up.

Saturday morning I went to a Mom's Morning Out Brunch with our new Sunday school class.  I had a babysitter come watch the boys and that went great.  It was a good opportunity for me to continue to meet new people here in College Station.  Making new friends is never an easy thing to do and I'm trying to be patient and praying for God to provide Christian women to have as friends in our new city.

On Saturday afternoon the Aggies played their first SEC game against Florida.  Unfortunately Bryan had to work from 8am-4pm that day so he only got to watch the second (and worst) half.  My Dad went to the game so my Mom came up to hang out with us.  We had our own mini version of Boo Mama's "Diptacular" and cooked pulled pork BBQ sandwiches in the crock pot to enjoy for dinner.  When my Dad got back from the game we took our first hike down one of the hiking trails that originates in our cul-de-sac.  We didn't walk far since it was almost the boy's bedtime, but we could tell it is going to be a fun place to explore in the future!

Here's Caleb watching the Aggies on College Game Day on ESPN:

We started Sunday off like most mornings:  with the neighbor's cats antagonizing Sophie from the back porch.  If this picture had audio you would hear a dog who is ticked off that this cat is on her back porch!

Bryan worked 8am-5pm today and I managed to make it to church solo with the boys and we were even a bit early!  After church we attempted a brother photo.  This is what I got when I told Caleb to put his arm around Joshua's shoulder:

The photo session was a failure.

I planned to make grilled teriyaki shrimp, rice and pineapple for dinner.  Caleb loves to help in the kitchen so I asked him to help put away the clean silverware:

Caleb also helped me put rice in the rice cooker and then mix up marinade for the shrimp.   He was moving the shrimp from a colander to the ziploc full of marinade when Joshua started screaming from his bed.  I told Caleb to finish moving the shrimp w/ the tongs (great fine motor skill for him!) and then wait for me.  He rushed upstairs a few minutes later while I was trying to console Joshua to tell me he had put something in the rice cooker.  When I came downstairs I discovered he had poured the entire bag of marinade + the shrimp into the hot rice cooker.  The shrimp were now completely cooked (probably overdone, actually) and dinner was pretty much ruined.

Poor Caleb could tell I was disappointed and he was SO upset.  He told me to come over to him and he would kiss me and hug me and he was so, so sorry.  He also kept repeating, "I am a bad cooker!".  I assured him I wasn't upset, that he had been a great helper and just needed more practice in following instructions.  He really thought he was helping to cook the raw shrimp... which he did, just not in the way I was wanting them cooked!

This all happened as Bryan was finishing work, so we decided to make lemonade out of lemons and meet for dinner.  We had a fun meal at Chicken Oil Company followed by ice cream cones at Sonic.  We played outside in the amazing weather when we got home, Bryan let the boys shower in our bathroom and then it was time for bed!

Here is a picture of my 3 handsome boys at bedtime!

We are looking forward to a full week, including our first full week of school for both boys and Caleb's first flag football practice!

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