To all the people who stared at me in HEB today: This is what it looks like when you sit your child down in the bakery department for a time out.

I was just telling Caleb that I don't need him to discipline or parent Joshua since it is my job. He said, "But if babies are climbing on top of water towers I have to do something!". I said ok, if he climbs on the top of a water tower you be sure to intervene.

Caleb is asking me to sing and perform "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". Pretty sure it should be against the law to do anything related to that song before you've had coffee.

And yet another recent Caleb-ism that I don't want to forget: he now refers to a banana peel as "banana straps".

After watching a squirrel maneuver its way onto our hanging bird feeder, Caleb said "Maybe if he eats a good dinner his Squirrel Daddy will take him to buy donuts in the morning". So if anyone sees a squirrel with a dozen donut holes walking out of Shipley's tomorrow you will know why.

Caleb just said "I'm going to ruin everything!". Not sure what that means but I hope we don't have to find out!

"Maybe when I get to heaven and I see God I will hug him." -Caleb

Caleb has been asking me all day to help him with his sidewalk chalk drawings. When I asked him if Daddy could help him he said, "When Daddy tries to draw it does not work. Sorry". HA!

While putting laundry away I asked Caleb to get a hanger from his closet. When he couldn't find one he got frustrated and yelled out, "I can't find a hooker anywhere!!". Ha

"I want to eat a peach because they are sooooo drinky." -Caleb

"I do not want my shadow anymore! I am going to hit it and make it go away!" -Caleb

Caleb had been complaining that his ear hurt. When I asked him about it this afternoon he said "Maybe it's hurting because sometimes when I'm outside I put sand and hot dirt in it". Yeah I'm pretty sure that would do it, son.

Caleb told us tonight that he is "so stressed out!". When Bryan asked what was stressing him out he told us "EVERYTHING!". Bryan pressed for more detail later during bedtime and Caleb confessed he is very worried that he won't get to have a sandbox with sand at the new house. It's a tough life, but someone has to worry about things like sand.

Caleb is threatening from time out that he is going to "make this whole house fall down!". This follows last night's threats of "running away through the gate to the train tracks!" and "locking my door so you can't come in!". Lord help us when he's 14.

"Mommy, I do not want the tooth FERRY to come in my room tonight. Ferry boats are big and noisy." After we clarified that it was a fairy and not a ferry, Caleb still insisted that we leave his tooth fairy note on the front porch :)

Caleb asked if we can build an air conditioner after lunch.

Caleb stubbed his toe outside yesterday and since then I have caught him putting his toe in his mouth several times. SICK. Since he's not a fan of Band-Aids, I've actually said "If I catch you licking your toe again I will put a Band-Aid on it" multiple times. Pretty sure only moms of boys have to say that kind of nonsense.

Caleb just suggested that Bryan and I get bunk beds for our room at the new house. Hmmm, I think not.

"Maybe after dinner we can just drive around College Station and look at crosswalks and water towers." Love my quirky little buddy who could care less about super heroes but can talk 100 mph about water towers!

Bryan unfortunately had to deal with a "code brown" in the bathtub courtesy of Joshua. Caleb rushed into the living room to tell me what happened and ask me to come look at the poop. After I went in the bathroom Caleb quickly followed that up with, "Do you want to go in the kitchen and eat something?". Uh, no son. Mommy doesn't feel like eating.

We saw a flashy Mustang in the parking lot at Target and Caleb exclaimed, "Look! There's a Ford Mustache!"

Caleb's fireworks observation: "Those fireworks sound like when I was at the farmhouse and those men were shooting GUMS."

Just explained to Caleb that the Bible says Daddy is the leader of our family. Caleb responded by telling me that "When I get there [Heaven, I presume] I'm going to tell Jesus NO! about that". Yeah, good luck with that buddy.

Arguing with Caleb about whether or not he has to wear underwear to gymnastics tonight. Sign #294 that we may have a strong willed child.

We stopped in at Petco today to let the kids see the puppies that were there for a pet adoption event. Most were in crates with shredded newspaper. Tonight at dinner Caleb said something about "those puppies who were peeing on all that money in their cribs". HA! I love that he thinks they would let dogs pee all over money.

Caleb says he needs to eat with his hands tonight because "my fork is not working."

After hearing that his Daddy was taking care of a kid with a broken arm in the ER, Caleb announced that "I have special glue that keeps my fingers and arms on."
Caleb asked me if I was asleep while I was driving. Thankfully my answer was no.

Out of nowhere Caleb just started asking me about his birthmom but he referred to her as his "special mom". Love that he feels comfortable asking about her and that without really knowing her he knows that she is someone special in his life! Thankful for my sweet Caleb :)

Apparently Caleb put $142 worth of toilet paper in my toilet because that's how much the plumber just charged me to fix it.

Why yes, a ShopVac can vacuum up a 1/2 inch of toilet water after your 4 year old stops up the toilet. Special day at my house, and of course Bryan is working.

Yesterday Caleb suggested I let him stay in the car while I went into the store. He assured me that if I ended up in jail for doing this that he would 1) cut up Joshua's food for him 2) put all the clothes in the dryer and 3) that he could just walk to school. Sounds like he's got it all planned out should I end up in the slammer.

Caleb just declared that Bryan is "just an ok dancer"

Bryan got pulled over in Childress, TX for speeding. When the State Trooper came back to the truck Caleb shouted from the back seat, "Sorry I was going too fast back there!".

Getting two kids to fall asleep at the same time in a hotel room should be an Olympic sport, especially when one of your children is named CALEB PICKETT.

Caleb has discovered that his new favorite food is "maca-roke and cheese" aka macaroni and cheese

Apparently when sick my parenting standards drop. Been laying on the couch totally ok with the fact that Caleb is licking a ball of play dough repeatedly. At least he's not eating it, right?

Watching "This Old House" on PBS with Caleb, who is talking 100 mph giving a full commentary on what the builders are doing :)

"I'm a grouch this morning and I will NOT cheer up!" -Caleb

Me: "Do I need to call your dad and tell him about your behavior?"
Caleb: "Yeah, I think you do."

Caleb poured bubbles on himself outside- including his hair. Lord give me patience!

Had to tell Caleb to take his fork out of his nose three times at dinner. Why why WHY would you do that??

"Jesus must have a big flashlight that He can shine light down on us from heaven and see us." -Caleb

Caleb just suggested that he and I go to Target and ask the electrician who is working at the house to stay here with Joshua, who is taking a nap. Nice try, Caleb.

Caleb doesn't understand why his friends at school put candy in the Easter eggs instead of batteries. He'd much rather get AA batteries for his toys than candy.

Caleb came inside and I asked him if there was sand on him from the sandbox. Rather than looking with his eyes, he licked his arm to check and told me, YES! There is sand on there. GROSS.

"Maybe when Jesus comes down from the clouds He can ride in an airplane instead of on a horse. And then He can come to my house and I can see Him." -Caleb

Special Quote from Time Out: "I don't want to be respectful. I want to be CRAZY."

At dinner we were pretending to call Caleb on the phone to tell him to correct bad manners at the table. When I "called" one time he said, "Sorry I can't talk on my phone right now. I'm taking a shower." He makes it hard to keep a straight face!

"Maybe when I live in College Station I will grow up to be a man and I can work. I can work with bricks. And I will be so tall I can touch the sky. And I will have springs in my feet that help me to reach up, up, up." -Caleb's chatter while we drove to the park

Caleb has spent the past hour since waking up switching out batteries between different toys using a Phillips head screwdriver. How many kids like to "play" by changing out batteries???

We are driving back from College Station and Joshua is babbling very loudly in the car. Caleb was trying to fall asleep and said, "Joshie, how about NOT yelling?".

This morning Caleb managed to get up, push a chair up to the kitchen cabinets, retrieve a miniature screwdriver set and AA batteries without me knowing. He then removed the battery cover from his favorite toy. He was in the process of putting new batteries in when I walked into the kitchen. If this child does not grow up to be an engineer I will be SHOCKED.

Caleb just told an older lady working at Card & Party Factory that if she got new batteries she wouldn't feel tired anymore.

Tonight Bryan told Caleb that they needed to go to the store so Caleb could get me a Valentine's card. Caleb said no, we can just go on Valentine's day. Spoken like a true procrastinating man! HA!

Caleb has been asleep for over an hour - a rare event at our house - so of course Joshua is NOT napping and is yelling "BUBBA! BUBBA!" repeatedly from his crib trying to get Caleb to come in there.

"Caleb, are you going to be nice in the store?" "Nooooo! I don't want to be nice. I want to be crazy!!"

Proof that the antibiotics are working: Caleb is running around the house in circles yelling, "I have new batteries! They are hot and fast!"

Caleb Quote of the Day: "It is not good to wake up when it is still dark outside. If you do that makes all the grown ups tired."

Tonight I bumped into a curb as I backed out of my in-law's driveway. Caleb immediately said "Mommy you need to turn the wheel while you back out". Nothing like backseat driving from a 3 year old!!

Caleb quote of the weekend: "I want Jesus to sprinkle His hand like THIS [insert wild hand gesture] and make mountains in Texas."

Caleb has just declared himself to be "the boss of Joshua".

Quote of the day, said while pushing the boys in a car basket at HEB: "Stop licking your brother. "

As a reward for good behavior this morning Caleb asked to go eat lunch at the hospital cafeteria. YUM

Caleb's comment after blow drying his own hair: "I look lots and lots of awesome."

While talking with Caleb before his nap he said, "When I came home to you from Kyrgyzstan I was a new boy." Praise God for the blessing of adoption and the new beginnings it can bring... and praise Him for the newness we can have when we are adopted by Him! Praying that as Caleb grows He will see his adoption story as God's beautiful plan for his life!

Just went to Dollar Tree with the boys. While we were there Caleb found some fake leaves in the floral section and asked me, "Mommy is this a dollar tree?". That kid cracks me up.

"Caleb, don't put playdough up your nose." His response? "But if it gets stuck up there I can go to the hospital and Daddy can get it out." Awesome.

Tonight Caleb said Santa should put bees in his stocking. Maybe that's the modern version of getting coal in your stocking?

Caleb is playing with his new blocks from Nancy Harrison Lightfoot and insisting that I sing "We Built This City on Rock N Roll" while we play.

Sign that you're living the glamorous life: Lift the lid to the toilet and discover that someone (ahem, CALEB) has dropped spaghetti noodles on the seat.

When I put an extra blanket on Caleb at bedtime he declared that he was "warm and tasty!" instead of warm and toasty.

We gave Caleb Cheez-Its for the first time but he misheard us and is calling them "Jesus crackers."

Last night Caleb made me pray for the pipes in our house multiple times. I guess seeing Bryan wrap the pipes for cold weather really made a big impression on him.

When praying with Caleb tonight at bedtime, he said he wanted to pray for his friends and his teachers. I was thinking what a sweet boy he was until I asked "Is there anything you want Jesus to help you with?". He said, "I want Jesus to help me get a big Jeep that I can drive". (a power wheels)

Tonight Caleb insisted that my name is Mommy Daniel Pickett. I guess he thinks that everyone in our family has the same middle & last name since he and Bryan share it.

Tonight Caleb is pretending that all the doors in our house are handicap accessible - as in they have those big silver buttons you press to make the door open and then it closes by itself. He won't enter a room unless he pretends to open the door with the big button. What a nut.

And now for a streetwise nap time quote from Caleb: "People should not let their dogs walk in the street. You just never know when a car might come and boom you."

Caleb thinks touchdown means a player literally touches the ground. So every time a player is tackled he yells "TOUCHDOWN GUYS!".

Woke up this morning to Caleb screaming at the top of his lungs, "Don't get caught by that train! STEP ON THE GAS!!!". I wish I knew where he came up with this stuff, but not as much as I wish he'd wake up a little more peacefully!

To further the discussion about heaven being in outer space, Caleb declared today that "When Jesus went to heaven He rode in a BIG ROCKET". So in case you were wondering and hadn't read that part of the Bible yet, there ya go. Caleb's got all the answers!

Nothing says 'brotherly love' like hearing your oldest son sing "Ice Ice Baby" to his little brother in the back seat.

Probably not a good sign that I've already said this before 8am: "Just because I said don't eat the play-doh doesn't mean it's ok to lick it."

Highlight of the day: Caleb yelling out "I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SELF CONTROL!!!" in the middle of the cereal aisle at the new HEB.

Just heard over the naptime baby monitor: "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a honkin' honkin' sleigh... HEY!" Now there's a version I bet you haven't heard before!

Caleb does not understand why we won't let him try to pull Joshua's pack n play behind his toy tractor. All of this of course while little brother is playing in said pack n play.

In a matter of minutes, Caleb has discussed airplanes flying through the clouds and if the clouds are in front or behind the plane, recited part of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, gave a speech on being careful when you pick up breakables, and also warned "Do not walk outside in the rain, YOU WILL GET WET!" and "Do no touch the lightbulbs! They are TOO HOT!". Now moving on to singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. So much for taking a nap today...

Today's naptime quote from Caleb: "Don't eat the cranberries out of the 'frigerator. They are NASTY."

Caleb just woke up from his nap and I heard him talking on the monitor about "when I came down to America". Guess he remembers his trip to the USA when he was 6 months old.

Caleb Pickett Quote of the Day: "I want Jesus to come back from heaven. And I want Daddy to come back from the hospital." Don't get me wrong - I think Bryan is awesome but I'm pretty sure the return of Jesus will be a tad more dramatic that Bryan coming home from an ER shift.
On several occasions now Caleb has told us that his whole name is "Caleb Doctor Pickett".

Caleb: " I'm sad about Jesus." Me: "Why?" Caleb: "Because he is in heaven. I want him to be here and come back." Don't we all, my sweet boy :)

Caleb woke up from his nap and started playing air guitar in his bed. I guess the need to air guitar is a male weakness that starts young.

While running errands this morning Caleb kept asking me to "go offroad.". Apparently he didn't get the memo that Mommy drives a Murano.

I love listening to Caleb talk over the baby monitor as he wakes up from his nap. Today's topics: "today is trash day!", debating the merits of the different tunnels on his train table, "cacti are many cactuses", singing BINGO as "bing-bong-N-G-O!" and "little birds cannot eat watermelon, they eat grass."

Caleb sneezed several times in a row and said "I just did a lot of bless yous!".

Caleb was being loud while I tried to put Joshua down for a nap. When I came out of Joshua's room and asked what all the noise was Caleb told me he was loud because Sophie (our 11 lb Shih Tzu) had pushed him down. Riiiight. Nice try on the lying, Caleb.

Woke up to an early morning serenade of Knick Knack Paddy Whack from Caleb, followed by watching him do reverse back bends in his bed talking about his tummy getting BIGGER.

After watching a commercial for dog beef jerky Caleb announced that he was hungry.

Caleb quote of the day: "Where is outer space?"

Something you don't want to hear when you get your child up from his nap: "Mommy, I have poop on my shirt."

Caleb told me tonight he wants to go to "Bell-folks, Kyrgyzstan" (aka Belovodsk, Kyrgyzstan) to see where he was born, play in their backyard and eat pizza and cookies. Praying that someday we can take him there to see where his precious life began!

Yelling "I am not out of control!" while leaving the McDonalds playground is a key indicator that you are in fact out of control.

After singing his own rendition of "Big House" by Audio Adrenaline, Caleb is now yelling for me to come into his room and "Bring my Joshie in here!". Although I appreciate the brotherly love, I'm not going to wake up a sleeping baby :)

Caleb Quote of the Day: "I need Jesus to call me and to bring the rain so I can turn on the wipers". We responded by letting him know Jesus doesn't make many phone calls but that Caleb could certainly pray for rain.

Best moment of the day: Caleb announcing repeatedly to the bellman that he just pooped in the hotel toilet and that "The hotel is SO HAPPY!!!". Poor guy, he just wanted to bring the bags into the room-- not talk bodily functions with a 3 yr old.

Caleb's nap time confession, heard over the baby monitor: "And Mommy was in the kitchen and I jump off the couch! And then I jump on the coffee table! And I jump back on the couch! But the fan was too high, I could not reach it."

Yesterday at the pediatrician's office Caleb was talking to everyone about windshield wipers. At one point he even convinced one of the drug reps in the office to do 'windshield wiper arms' complete with sound effects. At just 3 years old he is already a man of influence. 

Many people have been praying for rain to help stop or prevent wildfires, or to cool off the hot temperatures or to help vegetation grow. But oh no, not Caleb Pickett. He just said a prayer at breakfast: "Jesus please make it rain so all the cars can turn on their WIPERS." I have never met a child more obsessed with windshield wipers than him!

Caleb naptime quote of the day: "If you go poo poo in the pool, they will CLOSE THE POOL and everybody will GO HOME."

On the way home from school Caleb told me to "keep the wheel straight with BOTH of your hands!". Apparently I'm the parent of a 3 year old driving instructor.

Caleb ran the whole way home from the neighborhood park- close to 1/2 a mile. He yelled out "I'm naked!!". I think he confused "naked" and "sweaty".

"Excuse me. I burped in the back." -Caleb. Take a wild guess what that means.

Just overheard Bryan asking Caleb "Did you wash your hands in the sink or in the toilet?". Such is life with a boy.

Caleb quote of the day: "Mommy you are a grown up because you cook food and cut fruit with a sharp knife." And the end of his prayer tonight: "Jesus please let Joshie grow bigger so he can play trains. AMEN."

I just asked Caleb to wipe his mouth with a napkin. He refused and said he would wipe it with his tongue, which is like a windshield wiper on his mouth.

I told Caleb he had a booger coming out of his nose. He took a really deep breath through his nose and said, "There. I smelled it back in."

Apparently we've done a good job at brainwashing Caleb to like all things Aggie. He's been going around the house saying WHOOP!... sadly, he also says "Warmers Fight!" instead of "Farmers Fight!". Aggie Parent Fail.

A quote you never want to hear during naptime coming over the baby monitor: "I have poo poo on my hands and I'm wiping it off!". Every Mom's worst nightmare.

‎"Thank you Jesus for Daddy. Thank you he give people the medicine to get better and then he come home." ~Caleb

The three things that Caleb thanked Jesus for in his prayer tonight: "My eyeball. My eyebrows. The tractors at Lowe's." Not sure why he's only thankful for one of his eyeballs, but I'm sure God knows why :)

On the way to school Caleb prayed for rain so we can turn the windshield wipers on (his favorite part of the car). He ended his prayer with "YEAH, JESUS!!" instead of amen. He cracks me up!

Just played Candyland with Caleb and he insists that King Candy looks like his Uncle Billy - Billy Hartford - probably because of the mustache :)

Caleb just looked at Joshua and said "His tummy is getting BIGGER!".

At Walmart and Caleb just yelled out "That lady is wearing jammies!". And she most definitely was. Awesome.

Today's naptime antics: Caleb is yelling (with his eyes shut) "EYES!! Where are you eyes???".

Caleb made Mother's Day presents at MDO. My favorite is the sheet of questions he answered about me. The best one: "She is as beautiful as... a biscuit." Not sure what that says about me, but it sure did give me a laugh!!

Instead of napping, Caleb is talking in his room about how "Mommy and Daddy should pick up our grass and then we can have a POOL!"

Caleb just requested that I take my hair out of a ponytail and "put your other hair on".

In the spirit of "Brown Bear Brown Bear" Caleb said, "Potty, potty what do you see? I see a potty seat looking at me!". So glad he chose potty seat since he could have gone a lot of different directions with that one.

Dear Caleb,
It would be really special if you would take a nap.

Let the record show that instead of napping, Caleb is talking in his bed about how "going to gymnastics is SPECIAL."

Caleb's first words when he went back to MDO today: "Hi Ms. Kim. I have a new brother. His name baby Joshua!"

‎"Caleb, it would be safer to walk instead of running everywhere in the house." His response: "It's faster."

Caleb just called Bryan and me "Y'ALL". I'm so proud!

Our first moment of sibling rivalry: Caleb asked if Joshua could go to time out.

Caleb told me he needed $70 to buy cars and trucks at the store. He followed that up by asking me where Jesus went.

In the time it took me to fix my gourmet dinner of cereal, Caleb found a bouncy ball bath toy in the kitchen, dipped it in his ranch dressing and was licking it.

Bryan just let Caleb pee in the backyard by a tree and Caleb asked to flush it when he was done.

Caleb just told me that the hole in his jeans needs stitches.

While in line at Walmart Caleb told the lady behind us that he peed in the potty at the store. And then he took it a step further and asked her to clap and cheer for him.

Highlight of the day: Caleb dropping a toy car into the toilet at Target, and then sharing with everyone in the store that "Doc fell in the Target potty".

Nothing like waking up to these words: "Mommy, where are you?!? I have boogies!!". It's a glamorous life.

Caleb told Bryan it was ok for his stuffed animals to fight each other because there is fighting in the Bible. Someone paid close attention to the story of David & Goliath tonight...

Tonight at bedtime Bryan was reading to Caleb from his children's Bible. They were reading about when Jesus talked about a house built on rock vs a house built on sand. Caleb declared, "Daddy our house is on grass."

I'm pretty sure Caleb has the gift of encouragement. I told him it was my first time to start a fire in the fireplace, and he sat on the couch watching and cheering: "You did it Mommy! Good job Mommy!".

Every time the power goes out Caleb says our house needs new batteries.

Caleb and I read Goodnight Moon at naptime and he was obsessed with why the old lady who whispers hush is not asleep in the room at the end of the book. He asked me about it no less than 17 times. His other main concern - what is the name of that little bunny in the bed? He cracks me up!

Caleb just asked me if I want to "wasstle"... aka wrestle. I said no thanks.

Just cleaned up a dirty diaper, Caleb's poop covered hands and poop on the rug during nap time. Breathed a sigh of relief when I was leaving his room, only to open the door and discover the doorknob was coated in poop too. IT'S A GLAMOROUS LIFE.

Caleb Quote of the Day: "Daddy is Bryan. Mommy is Betsy. Caleb is Caleb."

Caleb is obsessed with the song "Big House" by Audio Adrenaline and is BELTING it out from his room. We're glad he loves to sing about our Father's house, but seriously buddy- time to go to bed.

A couple of days ago I asked Caleb to take a wet diaper from "nap time" and put it in the trash can. Surprisingly, I just discovered said diaper in the bottom of his dirty clothes hamper.

Caleb just announced from the kitchen that he was washing his hands with bananas. I guess it's a good moisturizer during these winter months... a tad bit sticky, though :)

Caleb's new favorite phrase: "Weave me awone" aka leave me alone. What is he, 13 years old?

At this point Caleb might think the hospital is just a restaurant since we keep going up there to eat dinner with Bryan when he's on call! Tonight Caleb declared that the olives on his hospital pizza were "little tires".

Apparently if I threaten to turn on the kitchen timer Caleb will stay in his room at naptime. He may be bouncing on the bed singing Jingle Bells, but I'll take that over him MacGyvering out of the room any day.

I think Caleb might be the next MacGyver. He has busted a childproof door handle off his door twice now. Naptime in the big boy bed = FAIL, DAY THREE.

I just asked Caleb to say Happy New Year and he responded with "Happy Yes Dear!". He is going to be a good husband someday.

Caleb is yelling for Jesus to come get him out of the crib.

trying to decide if I should be mad or laugh that my child is laying down and making pretend snoring noises while he is in time out.

just came into the living room and found Caleb straddling the back of the couch and yelling "This is dangerous, everybody!". BOYS!

Caleb's prayer tonight: "Thank you Jesus for donuts and turkey at HEB."

Telltale sign that your child has pooped his pants: If you show up to pick them up from school and said child is walking around the classroom with his legs so far apart it looks like he just got off a horse.

Caleb says "the Christmas tree sharp like a knife!" and he wants to "put 'mormanents' on it".

Caleb just asked me if he could have "a Mommy loves you and a sweet hug".

After sitting on the potty for about 20 minutes, Caleb proceeded to pee in his underwear. When I asked him what is supposed to go in the potty he replied, "Dirty underwear". WRONG ANSWER, MY SON.

I told Caleb to stop putting his hands in his mouth because it might make him sick and he responded, "Well, me go to 'spital [hospital] and get all fixed."

When we picked up Caleb from school today he was wearing someone else's pants. Apparently when the teacher wasn't looking he went into the bathroom attached to his classroom and played in the toilet. His pants were soaking wet. Nothing like building up your immune system in the Mother's Day Out potty!

Caleb just told me he needs medicine. When I asked him why he said, "need a doctor, need to go to the 'spital' (hospital)". Something tells me this might be a ploy to try to go see Daddy at work.

Caleb is yelling, "Jesus, where are you??? Jeeeeee-SUS, open da door!!!" from his crib. Apparently he's having a tent revival instead of a nap today.

Caleb is officially brainwashed. He asked me to sing "Spirit of Aggieland" three times tonight at bedtime.

You know you're the Mommy of a little boy when... you climb into your bed and find Matchbox cars hiding under the covers.

While giving me a hug Caleb declared, "Me is a sweet boy".

While waiting outside the ER for Bryan, Caleb saw a man being wheeled in on a stretcher. He yelled out, "Man on a skateboard!!!".

Instead of napping, Caleb is yelling "Mommmmmyyyy, open da doorrrrrrr!" over and over and over again.

When Caleb got up from his nap he exclaimed, "Me's a tall boy!".
Caleb: "Me scared.". Me: "what are you scared of?". Caleb: "The air."

Caleb just asked me to go to the store and get him a burger.

While petting my hair at naptime, Caleb said "Mommy's hair down. Mommy's hair spider web.". Awesome.

Caleb told me he wanted "big corn" (corn on the cob) for breakfast.

Caleb just yelled from his crib for me to come get a booger out of his nose. Motherhood: a lesson in humility.

"Caleb, what should we name the new baby?" His answer: "Gate."

I love that the second my child goes outside in the backyard he asks for "skeeto spray".

Glad to have my A/C working again! Caleb yelled out, "Thank you Air Man!".

Went to get Caleb to put him in the tub. Found him in Sophie's cage drinking from her water bottle. Awesomeness.

Caleb told me his freckles hurt. The boy has one freckle on his arm.

So far Caleb today has asked me to take his ears off and squinted his eyes and told me "Me eyes bunkin", aka broken. Either he's a big goof or we need to go to see an ENT and Ophthalmologist...

I love that Caleb calls the octagon on his shape puzzle an "all gone".

Just had a fire inspection done at my house for adoption stuff. Caleb was screaming, "FIREMAN! FIREMAN! FIREMAN!" the entire time.

Me: "Caleb, do you want a baby brother or baby sister to come and live at your house?" Caleb: "Cars. Cars please." No babies, Mom. Just more CARS.

Caleb is trying to sing the theme song from "Thomas & Friends" and he sounds like he's trying to pull off a British accent. This kid cracks me up!

Caleb just asked for a bite of my "so skinny". Translation: zucchini.

I just put on my swimsuit so I can take Caleb to the water park, and Caleb told me "Cute Mommy". He's going to make a good husband some day. :)

Caleb is obsessed with saying our last name. Tonight he even pointed at a cross and declared, "Jesus Cross Pickett". Sorry buddy, pretty sure Jesus does not share our last name.

I've already had to say "keep your eyes open when you walk" 8 times to Caleb this morning. It's going to be a long day.

Caleb is mad that the dog won't give him the dog toy back so he's chasing her and yelling, "Share, Sophie! Share!!!".

Caleb just put his potty in front of his toy race track, asked to have his clothes off and then peed in the potty! I'm in shock.

Drove past Cracker Barrel and Caleb declared, "Me eat a biscuit."

watching Caleb practice eating with a fork and exclaiming "There I go!" every time he succeeds.

spent the better part of dinner trying to convince Caleb that God won't let the moon fall down.

Caleb just asked for fries in the pharmacy drive thru.

just caught Caleb making the dog sit and lay down by bribing her with goldfish.

Caleb threw a ball in the house and it knocked down a metal cross. Fortunately nothing got broken. Unfortunately, he's been saying "Ball Jesus. Jesus fall down, uh oh! Jesus fall down!" non stop for 3 days.

was changing Caleb's dirty diaper and reached for some wipes, only to have him grab the top of the diaper and pull it up a-la-tear-away-pants style, dragging the dirty diaper up his own shirt to land ON HIS FACE. Mommy quote of the day: "Close your eyes so Mommy can wipe the poop off".

Caleb is congested and keeps saying "Nose off please".

Caleb keeps pointing to my ponytail and saying "Cat." I guess that means I'm having a bad hair day.

Parenting Quotes of the Day: "Do not lick the window. Do not bite the balloon."

Caleb was saying "Baby Ice Baby Ice!" at dinner and dancing. I took that as a song request and am now playing Vanilla Ice for him :)

cracking up that Caleb refers to the toilet lid as the "tee tee door."

Me: "Say Happy Birthday, Caleb." Caleb: "Hoppy Awbby!"

I love that my sweet boy now refers to himself as "Cub", "Bub" or "Ub".

is sad to discover that Caleb has started putting things in the trash can. The first item that I know about: his toy trash truck.

The cashier at Hobby Lobby asked me "What's wrong with him?" while Caleb whined in the shopping cart. My answer: "He's two."

Currently coming over the baby monitor from Caleb's room: "E-I-E-I-O, Santa Santa Ho Ho Ho, E-I-E-I-O". Apparently Santa is spending the rest of the winter vacationing on Old MacDonald's Farm.

got really concerned looking at Caleb's scalp tonight. I was pretty convinced that he had some really bad dandruff or a rash and called Bryan in to look at it. Turns out he has a bad case of SANDBOX HAIR.

Caleb: "Oooooh wynn, no". Translation: "Oh wind, snow".

Caleb just looked out the window and said, "The sun is off."

I thought Caleb was playing sweetly in his room, only to discover that instead he had emptied the small trash can and was pretending it was a cup. Way to go buddy - way to boost that immune system.

According to Caleb GloWorm is a girl, in case you were wondering.

Time for "Caleb Pickett Quote of the Day". Me: Caleb, Mama is the boss. Caleb: "No Mama. Dada boss".

While Caleb was screaming "no no no!" I told him "Mama is the boss". He repeated back to me "Mama is a bus". Nice.

loved walking into Caleb's room this morning and having him say, "There's a Mama!".

Caleb saw an airplane in the sky today, and from his perspective looking up it looked like a cross. He kept saying "Jesus, Jesus!" over and over again because he thought he saw a cross. There was no convincing him that was, in fact, an airplane and not Jesus in the sky!!

wishes that Caleb wouldn't yell out "Car!! Beep beep beep!" every time we saw an elderly person on a motorized scooter in HEB.

found a couple dog toys in the Christmas tree today. I guess Caleb was feelin' the Christmas spirit and decided to help decorate.

Caleb has pointed to a zit on my face several times and said "uh oh". Yet another humbling moment of parenthood.

It was a little bit awkward today when Caleb called every man at Target "Da-Da", including the Hispanic man next to the Christmas tree display.

Me: "Caleb, what does Santa say?" Caleb: "Beep beep." Yeah, we're working on it. He thinks everything is a vehicle :)

just found Bryan's alarm clock in the dog crate. Way to go Caleb. I bet he'll be good at hiding Easter eggs someday.

After dinner conversation: Me: "Caleb, how old are you?" Caleb: "Ten."

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