Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Day of School/ Kindergarten Graduation

Oh hey there, I see I have a blog.  Maybe I should write things on it more than once a month!  As you can probably guess life is a bit hectic in our household.  I am going to try to make a better effort over the summer to document what is going on in our family.

Last week marked the last day of school for both of the boys.  Caleb had told us for probably two weeks leading up to graduation that he did not want to participate.  He said it would be too loud for him, too many people looking at him and that he did not like all the clapping.  We did not really react much when he said these things.  We know from past experience that if we press an issue he often resists even more.  We reassured him that he could do it, that he did great participating last year, and that his grandparents would be there - maybe even with small graduation gifts!  He responded with, "Can you tell Ms. Kristin I just won't be at school that day and I will stay home?".  So on the morning of graduation we really had no clue if he would participate.

My parents and Bryan's mom drove up from Houston to attend the program.  All the kids filed in and sang some songs together before the kindergarten and pre-k graduation ceremonies.  During the group singing, Caleb was on the back row and chose to face the back the whole time.  We could tell he was doing all the hand motions and singing- just couldn't handle looking at the crowd.  We were so proud of him for finding a way that he could participate and manage his own anxiety about being up on stage.  Caleb has always been a unique and quirky little boy, and I think some days are really hard for him because he just sees and experiences the world differently than most people.  We couldn't be more proud of him or have more optimism about his future.  He continues to conquer things that are hard for him in his own way and on his own timetable.  We know the pictures of him facing the back of the sanctuary will be a sweet and funny memory for years to come!

Caleb on his first day of kindergarten

 Caleb on his last day of kindergarten 

Joshua's first day of the 2's class

 Joshua on his last day of the 2's class

Sweet boys posing together!  
Pretty sure Caleb was smelling Joshua.

Precious baby sister wanted her picture taken too! 

Caleb facing the back (back row, next to Rachel with her hands up in the air)
and Joshua (striped shirt on the front row) 

Caleb walking to get his kindergarten certificate from Ms. Kristin

Hannah laid on the ground and stuck her head out in the main aisle so she could get a better view. 

Caleb with his class 

Our kindergarten graduate!
First grade, here we come! 

The kids with my parents

The kids with Gran Jan

Our little family!
I am a blessed wife & Mama!