Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Joshua's First Day of Preschool

Today was Joshua's first day of preschool.  He is going on Monday and Wednesday from 9-1:30.  Even though his class is for kids 18-24 months, they do not nap.  It will be interesting to see how Joshua handles that since he normally goes down for a nap around 12:30 or 1.  

This morning Joshua wore a new airplane outfit since he loves planes.  When we asked if he wanted to go to school he shook his head to say YES.  Here he is posing on the front porch like a big boy.  I just can't get over how little and cute he is - and how he's trying to sit like a big boy!

And here he is wearing his new backpack.  Yesterday he started saying backpack which comes out more like "bah-pah".  He is very proud!

The boys headed down the hall to get in Daddy's truck and go to school, and of course Joshua is wearing his 'bah-pah'. 

Walking into school with Daddy & big brother:

At school we decided to drop off Joshua at his room first.  After I hugged him bye, I set him down and he headed straight into his room.  He quickly turned around and ran back out to hug my legs once he realized we weren't going in with him!  I held his hand and helped him take his backpack into his room and showed him one of the tables full of puzzles.  Joshua started playing right away so I took the opportunity to sneak out!  We took Caleb to his room next and when we walked by Joshua's room on the way out he was still playing happily.

It was so quiet in our house today! Even though Bryan often takes one of the boys with him to do things, neither of us are used to having no children in the house.  We enjoyed some coffee in the peace & quiet, hung up all the shelves, curtains and wall decor in Joshua's room and went on a lunch date to a seafood restaurant we knew the kids wouldn't like!

When we picked Joshua up his teachers said he did great.  No tears all day, played well with all the other kids and was a great eater at lunch time-- even trying to eat other kids food!  He gave us a huge smile and ran to me when we showed up to get him.  After I sat him down he acted like he wanted to stay and keep playing, so I take that as a great sign that he enjoyed it!

Joshua almost seems too little to be going to school - but I can tell it is going to be a great thing for him. He is very social and loves to be a big boy like his brother.  I think he will enjoy time learning, playing and doing fun things at school away from home and with kids his own age.  I know I will certainly benefit from the free time too!

All in all I'd say Joshua's first day of preschool was a success!  We are so proud of our sweet baby boy!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that Joshie enjoyed his first day of "school"!