Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Week So Far

It's been a busy week for us although nothing monumental has been on the calendar.  Bryan worked 3 evening shifts at the beginning of the week, meaning he is gone for dinner, bathtime and bedtime.  Anyone with young children knows that the evening is also known as 'the witching hour' so it was a lot of work to get those two wild ones clean and in bed each night!

Caleb had school Mon-Thurs and has had great behavior all week at school.  We are thrilled that he has made so much progress after a rough start!  He does tend to have a meltdown when he gets home, likely because it has been hard work to hold himself together all day at school.  We're working through it and trying to celebrate the progress and not focus on the negative.  Some days are just better than others!  Caleb does have one little girl in his class who he really loves to play with.  He tells me that she loves to build with him and the teachers have also told me they play well together.  They are always sitting together on the rug for story time when I pick him up in the afternoons.  I love seeing him make friends!

I got my hair cut and highlighted by a new person on Tuesday and I'm happy to report the color looks normal and I did not walk out of the salon with 'triangle head' or 'mushroom head' -- two common mishaps with curly hair!

Joshua finally cut another tooth on the front bottom, and with it came a runny nose for the past week or so.  I kept him home from school on Wednesday so every other kid in his class won't have green snot by next week.  Caleb said he was sick in an attempt to stay home from school and also asked if "having the pickups" [hiccups] makes you sick to stay home from school.  HA! Since Bryan was home in the morning he kept Joshua so I could still go to my weekly bible study at church.  It is called "Mom to Mom" and I'm in a group with about 12 women who are all mothers.  We only started 3 weeks ago but I am really enjoying it and have a great discussion group that I am really encouraged by.

Today we took Joshua to a new pediatric practice for his 18 month well child appointment.  Unfortunately the doctor we selected was sick today so we saw a nurse practitioner instead.  She was nice enough and Joshua was very cooperative until it was time for shots, and then he was quite sad :(  Luckily it was over quick and he only got 2 shots.  He was only 22.5 lbs today (7th percentile) and 32 inches (37th percentile). I panicked a little over his weight as he's always been around 50th percentile.  When I got home I emailed our pediatrician in Temple and within minutes she answered back with Joshua's previous measurements and percentiles (LOVE HER!).  I had forgotten that he went down to 10th percentile for weight at his 15 month appointment.  Our Temple pediatrician reassured me that many kids drop between 9-15 months and start to climb back up at 18 months.  We may add in some Pediasure just to see if we can put some pounds on him, but overall we are not worried.

And now for a few pictures...

Joshua is into everything and you never know what he is going to do next!  Bryan thought he went into our bedroom until he found him doing some computer work in the office:

While Joshua napped this afternoon Bryan and Caleb went on a walk to see some of the houses that are under construction.  Caleb brought these 'flowers' back for me:

We did not have home church tonight (our small group from church) so we went out to dinner at Lupe's and made a family trip to Target.  We finished off the night by letting the boys have their first ever mini ice cream sandwiches.  They were a big hit.

We have a fun weekend ahead with my parents coming to town for Caleb's first flag football game, the Aggies playing Arkansas and hopefully some rain and cooler temperatures to take us into October!

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  1. I love how Caleb refers to his hiccups as "pickups" funny! When Meadow is sad, she tells me she is crying "peerdrops." haha..