Sunday, September 23, 2012

Visit with Brynn

Today we had Joshua's birthmom, Brynn, and her parents and sister come visit us in College Station.  It was their first time to come to our new house and our first visit since June, when we moved from Temple to College Station.  We are blessed to have a fantastic open adoption with Brynn and her family and have visited about every 3 months since Joshua was born.  

When Bryan and I began our second adoption journey we felt certain we weren't equipped for open adoption.  God showed us the faults in our thought process and we took a leap of faith.  He blessed us beyond measure when he brought our family and Brynn and her family together.  We have felt comfortable with them from day one and know that Joshua's life will be blessed by having so many people who adore him.  Brynn is a beautiful, loving, brave young woman who has always put her love for Joshua first.  There are not words to say how thankful we are for her and her role in our lives!

To anyone who thinks open adoption might feel 'weird' or 'awkward' or not make sense -- just look at these pictures and tell me you don't see a little boy who is being blessed by what God has done in our two families.

  Brynn & Joshua

Joshua & Grandpa McGrath

Joshua playing with Brynn's little sister, Erin

T-ball practice with Grandpa McGrath
Joshua felt it was necessary to wear his brother's bike helmet :)

I wish I had taken more pictures today but we were too busy eating, visiting and playing.  We love you McGrath family!  Thank you for making the drive to College Station to visit all of us!

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    Lindsey advocates for adoption and especially open adoptions. She has some great posts about BM gifts and how adoption is amazing in general. I think you will love her blog.