Monday, September 3, 2012

"Back to School Photo Checklist" for Delusional Parents

Tomorrow is Caleb's first day of Pre-K.  He will be going to school four days a week at a local church preschool.   Joshua starts on Wednesday and will go two days a week to the same school.    Between home visits from both sets of teachers, the curriculum and the parent meeting tonight, we have been really impressed with the school!  I think they are both going to learn a lot and have tons of fun - and I am going to enjoy a little bit of free time, too!

After putting the boys to bed I decided to search on Pinterest for a free printable for Caleb to hold - you know, the ones that say "First Day of Pre-K" and the date that everyone is taking pictures of their kids holding.

In the midst of my search I found this - a list of pictures to take on your child's first day of school.  I clicked on it to see what it said and I'm pretty convinced the person who made this list has never tried to take pictures of children.

Seriously?  50 different poses and pictures on the first day of school? I'll be lucky if I can get a picture where Caleb is smiling normal and will really hit the jackpot if I can get a picture of the two boys together.

If anyone out there is able to actually take this many pictures on the first day of school, let me suggest you become a professional children's photographer.

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  1. As a former teacher I have to say that I would be creeped out of a parent took a picture through the crack of the door and I would feel a little violated if a parent took a picture of my desk. Just sayin :) So glad you have a blog! Your boys are precious!
    Brittany (Preston) Sciba