Monday, September 10, 2012

Caleb's First Flag Football Practice

Caleb had his first flag football practice tonight.  He is playing in the Upwards league, a nationwide Christian league that is run locally by a Baptist church in our area.  His team name is the Cobras and there are 10 boys on his team who are 4 or 5 years old.  His team has 3 sets of boy/boy twins and 1 boy who is a boy/girl twin!  There are only 3 kids who do not have a twin - one of them being Caleb!

In the Upwards league they only practice 1 hour per week and have a 1 hour game on the weekends.  The time commitment is great at his age, plus it is an encouraging league that uses positive language and teaches the kids to model their behavior after Christ while playing sports.  We are thankful that his first sports experience will be in this league!

Before practice we took Caleb to get some football shoes.  Since the time he was Joshua's age, Caleb has loved to get new shoes.  We told him the shoes were cleats and would help him grip the grass and run very fast.  He refers to them as his "grips" and was proud to show them to his coach first thing.

Running as part of warm-up
(Caleb is in the yellow shirt and black shorts)

Practicing hand offs with teammate Kash

Learning how to huddle up during their offense lesson

Caleb scoring a "touchdown" during offense drills

Lined up ready for another part of practice

What Joshua did during practice:  sat in his wagon for an entire hour, either watching the practice, drinking his water or playing games on the iPhone!  He is such a good baby!!

Overall Caleb really enjoyed his first football practice.  During the first drill he got discouraged and wanted to quit because he didn't think he was as fast as the other boys.  He is one of the youngest on the team but is plenty fast!  Bryan talked with him and he joined the practice again.  We were proud of him that he kept trying and enjoyed himself.  Sometimes he was a bit of a loose cannon - running out of turn or running too far!  We definitely need to work on those things but I think it's going to be a really positive experience!

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  1. Way to go Caleb. This is so exciting and Uncle Billy is super excited to come watch you play soon!