Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We've made the most of Labor Day weekend thus far with time spent with family and friends.  

On Friday night my parents drove up and joined us for dinner at Lupe Tortilla.  Of course Caleb & Granny had to get in a couple rounds of building water towers and smoke stacks.  Here they have built the A&M smokestack and one of the College Station water towers (Caleb knows the difference between all of them based on their markings).

On Saturday morning we drove to Houston to spend the day with Gran Jan & Pop Pop.  Craig, Michelle, Carolyn, Billy & Will were also there for swimming, grilling and playing.  Lo and behold, when Caleb arrived he discovered that Gran Jan had crafted the "Gran Jan and Pop Pop" water tower.  I just wish Caleb could have acted a little more enthusiastic:

In the picture above he has built a fence around it because he knows all water towers have gates since they are 'dangerous places!'.   Caleb later asked Gran Jan to add "FAIRFIELD" - the name of their subdivision - to the water tower so it would be similar to the one he sees when we come to their house.

I think it's safe to say that when he is interested in something he does it with gusto! He lives and breathes water towers right now.

After lunch Joshua enjoyed trying on a hard hat from when Gran Jan & Pop Pop were building their house.

Once Will woke up from his nap it was time for piano lessons with Pop Pop.  It is really fun to watch Will & Joshua play together since they are only 11 weeks apart.

And just to prove that the Dr never takes himself too seriously... Here's Bryan trying on his Dad's glasses.

We spent Sunday going to church and doing things around the house.  My friend Carla from Temple came to town with her daughters Marin & Brinley.  We enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and I know the boys enjoyed having some friends to play with.

Tomorrow our focus will be on getting ready for the start of school - Caleb starts Pre-K four days a week on Tuesday and Joshua starts preschool two days per week on Wednesday!

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  1. so fun! love the pic of caleb and his gran jan and pop pop water tower, that is awesome!! what a sweet boy!