Sunday, February 23, 2014

First Day Home

This pretty much describes how Hannah felt about her first day with her family:

I woke Hannah up at 9:30 this morning so we could try to get her little body on track to conquer jet lag.  She joined our family in the breakfast room and ate a scrambled egg and some sausage in her high chair.

After breakfast, Joshua was eager to finally open up some of Hannah's Christmas gifts so 'she could play with them' aka so HE could play with them!  We opened up a miniature toy kitchen that makes noises and Joshua's favorite, the talking Disney princess castle!  Hannah seemed to love playing with new toys and interacting with Joshua.  Like most 18 month olds, she doesn't understand sharing or taking turns.  We've always said once of Joshua's gifts is social graces and he was so patient and kind with her, saying things like "Hannie we must share the toys" and a gentle "No Hannah, we can't throw that.  Someone might get hurt.".  She learned from Daddy that throwing things in the air is funny so we will be battling that new habit for quite some time!

Placing all my princesses in the castle

My two littles in my lap!  I am a blessed Mama!

Dressed and ready for the day in an outfit from Mommy's friend Kim and my new friend Emery!

As we played upstairs in the playroom Hannah was brave enough to not be glued to my lap all the time and to start exploring the hallway!  When I called out to ask her where she was going, Hannah's face lit up with this mischievous smile!  So funny!

Caleb's interaction with Hannah is different than Joshua's but still so sweet.  He showed her how to play angry birds and even helped move her finger to play the game and use the slingshot.  She was so intrigued!  Like most kids she loves electronics.  She can swipe her finger on an iPhone with the best of them!

Checking out what brother is doing!

Once everyone was dressed we went outside and tried out the swings (she was not a fan!) and then I took Joshua and Hannah on a short wagon ride down our street.  I thought she might cry but she liked it! I think having Joshua there really helps.

We got pizza for lunch and Caleb suggested a picnic outside.  We spread out some blankets in the backyard and enjoyed our lunch together in the warm weather-- much warmer than anything we experienced in China!

After lunch I took Hannah inside for her nap.  She drank a bottle and went right to sleep.  Bryan took Caleb on a quick hike and then my parents took the boys to get ice cream so Bryan and I could nap.  Hannah and I both slept until a little after 5pm while Bryan went to pick up Sadie at the dog boarding facility.  My parents left for home and we ate a simple dinner of sandwiches and fruit at the table together.  Hannah was being such a goof while eating her food!

Once we were done eating we put the cushions in Hannah's kid chair that my parents gave her for Christmas.  She was so excited and so proud to sit in it!  I can't get over how different she looks in these pictures vs two weeks ago at Gotcha Day.

We made the plan to bathe all 3 kids together tonight because we thought it would help Hannah enjoy bath time.  Some people don't recommend bathing kids together until you are certain the new child doesn't have intestinal parasites.  Luckily Hannah shows no symptoms of that so we loaded up the bathtub with kids!  Hannah is sitting  in a bath seat that both our boys used and I think it helped her feel secure and kept the boys from knocking her over!  Hannah loved her bath time! She played with a bathtub tea set and was kicking her legs and smiling.  She still hated having her hair washed but that will get better with time.  I was just happy to have a break from being in the tub with her, and thrilled to see her enjoy bath time!

Three sweet, clean babies in matching pajamas!
Overall Caleb is doing great with his new sister but he is struggling a little bit.  
This picture represents that pretty well ;) 

Hannah sitting in my childhood rocking chair.
 She looks like she's is saying, "I know! Can you believe I'm finally here???"

I could not have planned a better first day at home if I had tried.  Hannah had her happiest day with us thus far.  She loves laughing at her brothers and playing with them.  Hannah is laughing, smiling, babbling, dancing, bobbing her head and so animated.  We are all in love with her and can't believe how amazing she is doing with all of the changes she has experienced in the past few weeks.  We cannot imagine how awesome and fun she will be in the future.  I have a feeling the best is yet to come!!

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  1. I always hesitate to comment on these adoption blogs, since I don't know you personally....but I just wanted to thank you for being open and sharing your journey to bring Hannah home. We are at the beginning of our adoption journey (through the state, but with plans to adopt internationally too), and I have been able to show my husband parts of your journey and it has been encouraging for both of us. We are in Arkansas now, but are both Aggies, for whatever that's worth. Congratulations on bringing her home, hope you are all getting lots of rest and bonding time. :)