Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today has been rather uneventful in terms of meetings, paperwork, and posing with government officials.. but it has been a big day in attachment for our sweet Hannah.  We had another free day and kept things low-key.  After a horrible night's sleep (lots of clingy crying for Hannah as part of the grieving process) we started the day with breakfast downstairs.  Hannah started bouncing in my arms and pumping her legs when she realized where we were headed.  She is a great eater but rejected a food-- watermelon-- for the first time this morning.  This may sound small to most people but it is huge from an attachment and comfort perspective.  It means a) she realizes there is enough food available that she can say no to something and b) that it is ok to have an opinion about things, that we won't reject her for saying no!

After breakfast we skyped the boys and Gran Jan before having some play time.  Hannah loves playing with all the toys we brought.  She can stack the stacking cups, turn pages in books, pick up small items with her fingers and most of all she loves to organize.  Her playing is very intentional and focused; it seems she has ideas in mind of where she wants each toy to go! When she is done with something she moves it to the side.  

For lunch we went to a noodle shop in a neighboring hotel.  Hannah loved noodles and pork dumplings.  Bryan has been able to find gluten free options everywhere we go which has been great.  After lunch we came back to the room to play some more and then take a nap.  I was thrilled to get Hannah down for a nap in her crib and took a short nap myself since last night was rough.

Hannah napped for almost 2 hours before waking up.  Bryan went to pick up her paperwork about 30 minutes after she woke up and when he left she got very worried and fussy for a bit before I was able to settle her.  I suspect she may have been upset he left and worried I was leaving too.  So far she is most attached to me but will allow Bryan to feed her table food.  Hannah cries if Bryan holds her and withholds lots of smiling and laughing when he's around.  This is so typical for children in her situation and we know with time he will win her over.  Hannah also tends to shut down emotionally when we are out of our room.  This is also something we expected to experience and that should improve with time.  

Bryan received all of Hannah's paperwork except for her passport from our guides.  We are praying her passport comes tomorrow (Friday evening).  We double checked all the documents he received (3 document sets in triplicate) and they all look good.  Our agency keeps every little thing so organized and it is a huge blessing on this kind of trip.  They keep us from having to think too hard so we can focus on our new child!

We went to dinner in the hotel's Italian restaurant.  I was hungry for something other than noodles, rice or dumplings! :)  Hannah and I shared some pizza and Bryan had pork chops with mashed potatoes.  Hannah enjoyed being fed by Daddy and tasting his mashed potatoes.

After dinner we came upstairs to play some more.  We skipped bath time for tonight. Hannah enjoyed having me put lotion on her and admiring her pretty pajamas with buttons.  She loves the details!  We played and played before bed and she was belly laughing and smiling! She loves being tickled and silly play.  Hannah also practiced cruising around furniture some more.  We are so impressed with what she can do!

It brought us such joy to see her let her guard down and open up to us.  She is starting to think I'm pretty funny and I know she will think the same of Bryan soon too! 

Enjoy the pics of our happy girl!!