Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pearl Market & Play Time

Hannah and Bryan are asleep but I wanted to do a quick recap of today so I don’t get behind.  

Today’s agenda included a trip to the Pearl Market in Guangzhou to buy pearls.  We got up this morning and got ready and took Hannah to breakfast.  The breakfast area was so crowded that they had to seat us with another adoptive family that we do not know.  We enjoyed visiting with them but let’s just say Hannah was not at her best this morning :)  She was so fussy and screamed several times and I could not figure out why she was upset.  I finally got her settled down again (after being stared at by many Chinese people in the restaurant!) and tried to put her back in the high chair.  I didn’t buckle her in since she is not mobile, thinking she’d be ok.  I did not realize the high chair didn’t have a piece of plastic that goes between the baby’s legs.  When Hannah got upset and started to cry she slid right out of the bottom of the high chair.  Luckily I caught her before she hit the floor but it was definitely not a moment that will make it on my ‘mom of the year’ application.  Meanwhile, Bryan had been pulled aside in the main dining area to talk with another adoptive family we don’t know about their medical concerns for their newly adopted child.  So far on the trip he has done multiple ‘consults’, and we are so glad he is able to help many families and put their minds at ease.  Too bad this consult happened while his daughter was melting down and busting it in the Chinese high chair!

After breakfast we tried to visit the outdoor play area but Hannah was not having it.  We took a few pictures before going back to our room.  

I think going to the room to play is just what she needed.  My arms are tired from carrying her all the time (she doesn’t really like the Ergo very much and refuses a stroller).  I think while she wants to be held for comfort she is getting tired of being carried around all the time too!  We all sat on the floor and played and played.  Bryan was spinning her bracelets on the floor and she thought that was hilarious.  She belly laughed at him and loved their play time together.  Eventually she got the idea to throw the bracelets which she thinks is awesome.  Once home we will have to work on teaching her what is ok to throw and not ok to throw— but for now in China most things are permissible for the sake of bonding, especially with Daddy!!

Putting bracelets on her foot
Laughing at Daddy

At 11am we met our group to go to the Pearl Market.  Hannah had not eaten much at breakfast and our trip would span lunchtime and naptime.  Let’s just say I was not optimistic the trip would go well, and I ended up being right.   Our guides led the group through a 6 or 7 story mall filled with hundreds of wholesale jewelry shops.  We went to a shop on one of the top floors to buy pearls.  The guides taught us about different qualities of pearls to look for before we shopped.  The store had so many strands and different styles of jewelry laid out for us.  We each picked out what we wanted and they hand knotted the pearls and re-strung them if needed.  It was fun to pick out gifts for Hannah, our family and me too!!  

Holding the bottle with my chin and carrying a fussy, heavy baby through a Chinese pearl market.  This is not my first rodeo, folks.  I felt like a champ!

Unfortunately Hannah was fussy and out of sorts for most of the time.  It took a long time to get everyone’s pearls ready and in that span of time she drank two bottles, screamed with Daddy, and finally fell asleep in the Ergo.  When I sat down to rest my back while she slept on me she woke up and cried again.  The only thing to make her stop crying was to take her out of the carrier and let her hold my lipstick.  During another part of the visit the thing that made her stop crying was holding some pearls.  Ha!

We left the pearl market and went back to the hotel where we ordered room service for lunch.  We knew Hannah just needed downtime in the room.  She played with Bryan some more before going down for a late, but short nap.  When she woke up we played again and ordered food to our room yet again.  I think she is tired of going, going, going all the time and riding in taxis and buses and vans on my lap.  

Tomorrow morning we leave our hotel at 7:40 to go to the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  This is where we will submit Hannah’s documents to get her visa to enter the United States.  Bryan and I will take an oath as her parents.  We are looking forward to this last official adoption step.  Once we do this and receive Hannah’s visa the next day we are DONE!  The only thing left to wait for is our flight to leave China.  

We are in the last leg of the race here and we covet your prayers that we would finish well.  We are doing way better than I imagined at this point in the trip but we are ready to not live out of suitcases and to be at home with our entire family.  Our boys miss us and while they are getting so much love and attention from their grandparents we know they are ready for us to come home, too.  We are sure our parents are ready for a break as well!!  Thank you for reading, encouraging us with your comments and most of all thank you for your prayers!

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