Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beijing Day 3: Acrobat Show & Snack Street

Tonight we went to see a Chinese Acrobatic Show at the Chaoyang Theater in Beijing.  I was expecting something like Cirque de Soleil but it ended up being like that on steroids.  It was very impressive!  The strength and skill of the performers was amazing and many of the routines they did were nerve-wracking to watch.  Here are a few pictures I captured during the show:

Oh no big deal, just 12 girls balancing on each other on ONE SINGLE BICYCLE

This one made me bury my head in Bryan's shoulder.  I was pretty sure the guy on the right (running on the outside of the apparatus) was going to die before our eyes.  I nicknamed this "The Pendulum of Death."  I almost had a heart attack when crazy lunatic man put a blindfold on while he ran on the spiny apparatus.

The strength, dance skill and balance of this couple was amazing! She is in pointe ballet shoes and balancing on this guy's head.  CRAZY!

Girl balancing on one hand on top of a stack of chairs.  After this photo was taken she stacked at least three more chairs on top.

Let's call this "CRAZY MOTORCYCLE HAMSTER WHEEL".  The flashing lights spinning around the 'equator' of this metal sphere are actually EIGHT motorbikes.

All of the performers at the end of the show

When we got back to the hotel Bryan and I put on more layers so we could walk to get dinner.  It is COLD!  We walked to the nice 6-story mall nearby and ate on one of the two food floors.  We stopped by snack street on our way home.  It is famous for having street vendors selling all kinds of unusual snack foods on a stick.  We saw octopus, squid, entire fish, starfish, seahorses, and a broad selection of testicles.  It was just lovely.  No worries, we did not sample anything.

Ready to explore snack street

This lovely gentleman was nice enough to loudly announce "BALLS" as we walked by complete with an obscene gesture so we would be sure to know what he was selling.  Thanks buddy.

Mmm, hungry anyone?  Step right up for some fresh octopus.

I'm not sure what these are but they are pretty cute. 
Much better marketing than the rest of the items on a stick.

We will spend the rest of the night getting our bags packed for tomorrow.  We will fly to Zhengzhou, Henan which is where we will get our sweet Hannah.  Please pray for safe travels for our group.  Most of all, please pray for Hannah as she spends her last day in the orphanage tomorrow.  Please pray for her heart to be open to us and for her to not feel afraid.  We will update tomorrow from Zhengzhou!

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