Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Medical Appointment, Shopping & the Pearl River Cruise

Yesterday (Monday) we had a busy day.  After breakfast we loaded up to go to another area of Guangzhou about 15 minutes away.  We went to a special clinic for Hannah’s medical exam.  This exam is required for her to obtain an immigrant visa to enter the United States.  

When we got to the clinic it was so crowded with many Chinese people trying to get exams for their visas.  We took visa pictures of the babies and then got to sit in a separate waiting area for adoptive families.  I was glad we weren’t sitting in the chaos!

Hannah was in a good mood while we waited to be seen at 3 different stations:  medical/surgical exam, ENT and height/weight/temperature.  Unfortunately everything went downhill once she started her exams.  She did not like the male physician examining her legs and began to melt down.  When he asked if she could bear weight on her legs (she can) I tried to show him and she hung like a wet noodle and cried.  Poor baby was scared and did not understand.  

Next we went to height/weight/temperature.  Hannah burst into tears when the nurses took her from my arms to measure her.  She was 29.5 inches tall if I remember right and 22.4 lbs.  Her temperature was normal.  We have been blessed to have a healthy baby and healthy parents for our entire trip so far!  

The last stop was ENT.  They did a quick exam and Hannah screamed, demonstrating that her throat and lungs are 100% functional.  Once we were finished with the exams she calmed down once I used one of my main China trip parenting techniques:  feed the baby puffs!

After the exam we came back to the room for a quick lunch.  I got Hannah down for a nap and then left to go shopping with another adoptive mom.  We hired a personal shopper, Ann, who takes you to the wholesale markets in Guangzhou.  We rode the subway to the shopping area and saw this lovely vendor selling one of Ann’s favorites, fried duck tongue.  She assured us it is tasty but we decided to just take her word for it.  

Once we got to the wholesale markets we bought all kinds of silk dresses for the girls, jade jewelry and other Chinese souvenirs.  Ann walks so incredibly fast that it was hard to keep up with her!  We got some great deals, had a lot of fun, and got to see a side of China we would not have seen otherwise. 

I was nervous about leaving Hannah because I knew when she woke up from her nap I would be gone.  Up until now she has not been open to receiving care or comfort from Bryan.  Some days she wouldn’t even let him play with us!  Luckily before I put her down for her nap he played with her while I hid out in the bathroom and she didn’t cry.  That gave me the courage to leave her and go shopping.  I never once doubted Bryan’s abilities as a Dad.  He is an amazing, patient, fun, and capable Dad.  I was more worried that if Hannah felt I abandoned her we would lose ground in her attachment to me.  I soon realized that at some point Hannah would have to receive care from Bryan.  Once we are home with three kids to love and comfort we won’t have man on man defense anymore!  

When I got back from shopping, Hannah was awake and sitting on the bed with her bow and shoes on in a clean diaper! She was enjoying a cookie and had just finished having play time with Daddy.  They watched a baby sign time DVD and played with toys.  Bryan said she fussed a little when she woke up but she would have done that for me too.  We were both thrilled that she had a good time with Daddy!!!  Hannah was definitely happy to see me, but it seems like that time together helped her turn a corner with Daddy.  

We quickly got ready to meet our group to go on the Pearl River cruise.  We have heard the food on the cruise is not very good so our guides helped everyone order Papa John’s pizza to be delivered to the boat.  Bryan was able to get chicken wings and french fries since he can’t eat pizza.  We ate on the boat and then went up to the top deck.  The shore of the Pearl River is lined with large buildings and many of the  massive bridges are lit up at night.  We also saw the Canton TV Tower which is the 3rd largest tower in the world.  Canton (like Cantonese) is another common name for Guangzhou.  Hannah also enjoyed pretending to put on lots and lots of chapstick!

By the time we left the dinner cruise Hannah was tired and ready for bed.  We skyped the boys once we were back at the hotel and put her to bed.  She is getting easier to put to bed and down for a nap which has been great.  I think Hannah knows she is safe and loved so it makes it easier for her to relax.  I can’t imagine how scary it was for her to go to sleep in our hotel room the first night with us.

We are really, really missing our boys.  Yesterday there was a lump in my throat all day from missing them.  We are trying to set our eyes on the reunion to come in just four days.  In the meantime, we are filling our days with more of the sights and sounds of China.  Leaving here will be bittersweet as we take Hannah away from her birth country, but we are ready to start building memories as a family of five at home!


  1. I'm so glad that Hannah got to spend some good time bonding with Hannah. Continued prayers for her progress, safe travels and your reunion with the boys in a few days!

  2. **edit** I'm glad Bryan got to spend bonding time with Hannah...I'm sure you didn't leave her alone to bond with herself. LOL .