Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Fun Day

Bryan and I declared today "Family Fun Day" since this is our last weekend as a family of four.  We wanted to have a fun day together focused on quality time with the boys, not on packing or to do lists or paperwork.  

We started the day off with some blueberry muffins and gluten-free pancakes made by Bryan, with the help of Joshua.

After breakfast we made our first trip to the Children's Museum in Bryan/College Station.  It is obviously much smaller than the Houston Children's Museum but we still had a good time checking out all the exhibits.

Caleb playing with the giant chess set

Joshua & I having a puppet show

One of the boys favorite exhibits - a building exhibit
The studs of the 'house' had magnetic strips so that kids can attach the white drywall squares to the frame.  Caleb loved it.

Caleb sounded just like an episode of "This Old House".  He was definitely the building superintendent, bossing around his little brother and any other kid that came in there to build.

Playing grocery store with Joshua.
He loved being the cashier and that he could scan items and use a touch screen computer to ring things up.

Caleb's other favorite exhibit was a multi-story rocket you could climb in.  He made a little friend while we were there and they had fun climbing together.

Digging for dinosaur bones with Joshua


 Joshua loved practicing with scissors and doing stamps

Caleb's turn at the grocery store with his little friend.  He wanted to take the basket into the rocket so he could "have a snack"

Pretending to be a weather man

 We had hoped to have a picnic at the park but it started to rain.  We headed to Chick Fil A instead, where we discovered that Caleb can polish off an entire 8-piece nugget meal plus some more food from each of our meals.  Joshua also had a huge appetite (he normally eats to survive, not to enjoy!).  Both boys enjoyed playing in the playscape at Chick Fil A and Caleb even saw a classmate from school.

We spent the afternoon at home relaxing, playing outside, playing upstairs and enjoying dinner together.  We have told the boys when we are leaving (Tuesday night) but I think only Caleb understands how close it is getting.  We are trying to soak in every minute of our remaining days as a family of four since we know it could take weeks or months for us to find our new normal as a family of five.

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