Sunday, February 9, 2014

a letter to Hannah

Dear Hannah,

Tonight you fell asleep in your orphanage for the last time.  It is your last night to go to sleep without being rocked, read to and kissed.  It is your last night to be cold in the night and to cry alone.  It is your last night as an orphan.  We are closer to you than we have ever been- only a few hours away, waiting for you with great anticipation!

Tomorrow morning the orphanage staff will dress you and drive you several hours to a place you've never been, to a building you've never set foot in, and hand you over to people you have never laid eyes upon.  We cannot begin to imagine how terrifying tomorrow will be for you.  The trauma and loss you have experienced in your 18 months of life would leave most adults broken.  So many people tell us how lucky you are.  But we know the reality of what your life has been - born with medical needs, abandoned, living in several foster homes only to go back to the orphanage again.  You have been loved well by the people who took care of you, but nothing can replace the love of a family.  We are praying with expectant hearts that God would use us to bring healing, safety, and unconditional love to your life forever.  We are praying that the story of your adoption would be a tangible example to others of what it is like to be adopted into God's family.  

We hope you will someday understand that while adoption comes from loss it is truly beauty from ashes.  We pray that you will understand how much we love and adore you, that we have sought after you relentlessly and that your life will have a new start tomorrow.  We promise to honor your past: what you have experienced, what you've lost, and the incredible culture of China.

We believe God has incredible plans for you, baby girl.  Your story has already touched so many people.  We are humbled that we get to be a part of it and so proud to say that you are our daughter.

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Bawling!!! Beautiful words, Betsy! I can't wait to watch Hannah's new story unfold!!

  2. What awesome words, Betsy. God has given these beautiful children to you and Bryan because He knew how much love and happiness will fill their little hearts from having both of you as their parents. He has chosen you and Bryan to be the parents of three beautiful children and has put them in YOUR care. May He continue to watch over your family as He holds you all in His loving arms. CONGRATULATIONS! (CaroleZ, Gran Jan's cousin).

  3. Congratulations! Saw this on Lauren Leblanc's fb. Praying for you, your family and your daughter. May it truly be beauty from ashes. Cherie Sonnier Johnson