Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cowboy Day - Thursday, March 6th

Thursday was Cowboy Day at the boys' school.  Last year we made a special trip to Cavender's to get boots and shirts.  This year I barely found something for them to wear the night before and even the morning of.  Luckily they both looked 'cowboy' enough for the event and were excited about all the activities.  

Bryan was off that day so we dressed Hannah in a cowgirl dress that was a gift from our old Sunday School teachers, the Brindleys.  We weren't sure what she would think of all the commotion and kids but decided to give it a try.  Joshua's class was first.  Joshua was thrilled to see us and to have us go with him to all of the different stations.  He threw horseshoes, got a fake tattoo, tried to 'rope' cattle, roasted a marshmallow over a pretend fire, road a stick horse, and panned for gold.  The event is so well done at the school and all the kids truly enjoy it!  

Caleb's class came next.  Caleb enjoyed roasting marshmallows the best and seemed to spend a lot of his time at that station :)  He was great at roping cattle and got all of the hula hoops around the neck of the pretend calf.  The boys also had an opportunity to go outside with their class to see a baby calf and a horse.  
Joshua throwing horseshoes

Getting a tattoo

Riding a stick horse

All three of our kiddos sitting on the saddles for a photo op:

Roasting one of many marshmallows

Roping cattle while enjoying a sucker

Hannah was pretty subdued during most of the event and happy to be held by me.  We took a short break out in the foyer and this is the look that sweet girl got on her face when her Daddy joined us!  She loves her Daddy!

We went to Joshua's classroom to celebrate his birthday in between Joshua & Caleb's Cowboy Day events.  We brought cupcakes for Joshua to share with his class.  He picked out Star Wars plates and napkins to bring as well.   Joshua enjoyed letting everyone know it was his birthday.  He loves his teachers and classmates.  We loved getting to see him enjoy turning 3 with his class!

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