Monday, March 10, 2014

Joshua is three!

Yesterday, March 9th, was Joshua's third birthday -- "March the knife" as he calls it.  He told me weeks before that he wanted to have  Frozen-themed party with our family.  It seems that people across the nation have bought up all the Frozen party supplies and are selling them on Ebay for ridiculous prices.  Luckily my aunt in Corsicana found all kinds of stuff at her local party store and shipped it to me for Joshua's party.

On Saturday afternoon Joshua and I made his Frozen birthday cake.  He requested strawberry cake and then we tinted the frosting to be an icy blue color.  I wish I had a video of us making the cake together.  He was so, so excited and cute!  He loved every minute of the process.  

On Joshua's birthday he woke up to balloons on the light fixture - a tradition from my family growing up.  Caleb is convinced it isn't a real birthday unless the balloons are on the light :)   I also got Joshua a special balloon on his chair and his presents were ready for him.  

The boys were up early because of Daylight Savings time.  Caleb woke up at 6:15 (which felt like 5:15) and went into Joshua's room to tell him Happy Birthday.  I heard both boys coming down the stairs and found Joshua wearing his paper birthday crown from school!  He and Caleb were so excited to see all of his birthday decorations and his gifts!  Once Bryan & Hannah woke up it was time to open gifts!

In true big brother form, Caleb coached Joshua through the entire process of opening his card and gifts.  Hannah was excited to watch too! 

He got Elsa & the Disney Frozen castle!  Just what he asked for! 

We got Joshua a Frozen card and I had to edit the words to make it fit him ;) 

So excited once we had the castle put together! 

Joshua had a special breakfast of chocolate milk and cinnamon rolls.  For lunch he picked Cracker Barrel aka "the biscuit store".  It was Hannah's first time there and she was a fan of everything she tried:  biscuits, scrambled eggs, ham, sausage and hash brown casserole.

After lunch I put Hannah down for a nap and then joined the boys upstairs to play while we waited for all the grandparents to arrive.  Joshua had a precious phone conversation with his birth mom, Brynn, and told her all about his birthday presents, cake and his day.  Soon after he said, "Mommy can you hold me?".  I said yes and he laid in my lap.  I began to tell him all about the day he was born.  As I talked he closed his eyes and fell asleep!  After holding him for awhile I put him on the playroom couch to finish resting.  He was still asleep when Bryan's parents got here!  

Once the grandparents arrived it was time to open gifts!  Joshua got some more Frozen dolls & books, super hero costumes, a new baseball tee and a scooter!

Joshua requested hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, cake and ice cream for his birthday.  I added hamburgers, chips and corn on the cob to the menu as well.  My Mom brought a sparkly blue tablecloth and some paper snowflakes to hang from the chandelier to make things feel special and festive for Joshua.  

I woke Hannah up from her nap after Bryan's parents arrived.  She was a little bewildered to come into the living room and see other people in our house.  We have limited visitors for the most part so far.  It took her awhile to wake up and warm up to everyone, but by the time Bryan was grilling burgers she was playing with Gran Jan!  She loves to stack things and had a blast with the pickles, worcestershire sauce and hamburger seasoning!  

After lunch we sang Happy Birthday to Joshua and he blew out the candles on his Frozen cake.  The cake turned out really yummy, especially since it was a simple box mix cake! 

We just adore this sweet, compassionate, funny, silly, one-of-a-kind boy.  He is such a blessing to our family and brings us so much laughter and joy.  We are honored and humbled that we get to be his parents and pray that he will always know what a gift he is to us!  Happy 3rd Birthday, Joshie!

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