Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mega Photo Post

So this is going to be mega picture overload, but I don't have the capacity to either a) come up with a theme to group these into smaller posts b) find the time to write multiple smaller posts.  So here you go, the mega photo post.  Consider it to be the past 2-3 weeks in pictures, mostly taken from our iPhones.

Bathtub mohawk! Her hair is starting to get longer, especially in the back

This dog is ridiculous.  How did we end up with 2 dogs who use pillows like a human?

On the next episode of Hoarders...
the girl who wants to hold everybody's everything.  
She needs duplicates in her hand most of the time:  two cups, two crackers, etc.

Taken only days after Hannah's first pediatrician appointment where I was asked the question, "Does she climb on things?" and I said, No, no she does not climb. 
Exhibit A:  Don't say your kid doesn't do something, especially to the pediatrician.  That child will be sure to do it ASAP.  
Girlfriend was so proud of herself for climbing on the train table!

This is not the best picture but this shows the growing friendship between
a) Joshua & Hannah - these two littles love each other!
b) Hannah & Sadie-  Hannah has no fear of the puppies which is great!

 Gardening time with Daddy

Not a fan of gardening, apparently.

Posing after her first piano recital upstairs

Working on the sippy cup skills takes mega concentration.

Playing babies after a super long nap when she had an ear infection.
Hannah loves to sit in the cradle and hold 4+ babies at a time.

Feeding a baby in the high chair.

Little Mommy likes to hold all her babies while watching Frozen with big brother, too. 

Last week we took Hannah to have some pictures taken with our friend Lindsey.  She is an amazing photographer!  Hannah was hard to impress during the shoot but hopefully we got a few good ones.

Grainy, dark iPhone photo.  
Hannah had an ear infection + hand/foot/mouth virus last week so we did lots of this.  This looks like a day where I actually got to shower.  She was very clingy and fussy.  She also shared the yucky virus with her brothers :(  

Joshua starting to get sick-- passed out while eating his lunch leftovers on the way home from school.

Sweet baby girl... starting to feel better.
I know I am biased but I think she is so beautiful! 

Trying out my new stroller! Mommy made me sit in it for snack and wheeled me around the house so she could get some things done! 

Saturday was the day of naps at our house.  Hannah fell asleep mid-snack in her chair.
This is what happens when you wake up at 5am! 

Joshua loves to try on sister's bows and headbands 

Two littles sitting with Daddy (yes, they have diaper/underwear on!) 

Sister loves her bath now!  Trying to climb into the tub while it fills up 

Pretending to be a baby in the doll cradle 

This picture cracks me up!
Hannah put all her babies to sleep in the background and then put herself to bed and covered herself with a blanket.  ha! 

The virus takes another kid down- Caleb asleep at 7pm in his bean bag earlier in the week.   

Littles taking a bath together downstairs since big brother was already passed out. 

Our big boy on the mend- building a 6-story Lincoln Log house. 
He enjoyed his break from school even if it was because he was sick.  He tried to convince me he could never go back to school.  Nice try, buddy! 

Sharing a banana on the kitchen counter 

This is what my lap looks like most of the time- 2 littles battling for a spot.
Hannah was smiling right before I took this, then she saw my face on the iPhone and tried to mimic it.  

Heartbroken.  Distraught.  Pitiful.  
All because Mommy told her, "No biting."
Life is hard.


"Hannah, you ready to race?" 

Angry Birds Star Wars hood ornaments 

Pretty girl is so proud that she learned how to make the Elmo plane go with her feet! 

Hannah & Joshua dressed up as Sven and Elsa from Frozen 

Dancing to music from YouTube 

Nice form, Joshua.

Sweet reindeer baby :) 

Caleb & Daddy working on counting out his items for the 100th day of school 

Caleb and his 100 marbles

Caleb asked me to sew this little crown on his stuffed Angry Bird pig.  He was so proud of it! 

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the mega photo post!
In case you noticed that there are not many pictures of Caleb, it's because he is not a fan of posing for pictures!

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