Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Caleb & Joshua's Gymnastics Party

On Saturday March 29th the boys celebrated their 6th and 3rd birthdays with a joint party.  Their birthdays are one month apart, but since they fell so soon after Hannah's homecoming I knew we needed to keep things simple this year.  I normally like to spend lots of time creating fun decorations and themes for their parties each year.  It is something I enjoy and see as a creative outlet.... but this is not the season for creativity! It is a season for survival on many days!  

We invited both of the boy's classes plus their cousins to a local gymnastics facility.  The facility is great about helping with set up, clean up, and they completely run the party.  I still had fun putting some decorations on the tables in the party room, but after that I didn't have to worry about a thing!  It was perfect for us this year and the boys enjoyed celebrating with their friends and family.  We were also blessed to have Joshua's birth mom, Brynn, and her mom and sisters at the party with us.  They are a special part of our family and we also got to enjoy lunch and play time at our house with them once the gymnastics party as over.  

All three kids had recovered from hand-foot-mouth virus (awful!) by the time the party rolled around, but Caleb just wasn't himself that day.  Hopefully next year we can think of a way to celebrate his birthday that is a perfect fit for him & his personality.  

Getting ready for the party - group effort to make the cupcakes!

Getting a great picture of 3 kids is next to impossible.  
Caleb has a shirt that matches Joshua & Hannah but he is currently in a phase of only wearing shirts that are striped or solid -- no pictures or words :/

The party room all set-up for the Angry Birds themed party 

Birthday banners for both boys 

Party favor bags that I made.  The boys helped me stuff them! 

Fun playtime at the party!  
Poor Caleb was still not 100% after having hand-foot-mouth the week before.

Hannah. Zach & Charlotte loved the Cozy Coupes! 
Joshua was a great big brother-- he loved to push Hannah around, and she enjoyed it too!

Wanna race?

Joshua hugging his sweet birth mom, Brynn, when she arrived at the party

Time for cake & ice cream!

Play time with the parachute after cake and ice cream
Joshua & his buddy John from school

What this picture doesn't show is that Carolyn & Zach are trapped inside the parachute with all the little kids!  Ha!

Fun time on the slide!

This diva handled the birthday party great! 
We were a little worried she would be overwhelmed but she had fun playing and being a part of the action.

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