Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Caleb's 6th Birthday

Thursday, April 10th was Caleb's 6th birthday!  I can hardly believe how big he is getting and all the changes we have seen in him over the past year.  Caleb is currently around 43 or 44 pounds and just shy of 4 feet tall.  He has always been long & lean!  Caleb has always been the type of kid who becomes very interested in something and loves that topic/toy exclusively for several months.  We've seen him love balls, Doc Hudson, construction, batteries, windshield wipers, water towers, railroad crossings, construction again and now Angry Birds!  Caleb's birthday celebration this year was all about Angry Birds!

Over the years Caleb has come to associate birthdays at our house with having balloons on the breakfast room light, a happy birthday banner and a large balloon.  He asked us for several days in advance if he would have all those things when he woke up on his birthday :)  Unfortunately he woke up at 1:45am to see if all those things were there and begged us to let him open his gifts! Luckily we managed to get him back to sleep and didn't open the gifts until the lovely hour of 6am!  

Caleb's gifts & balloons

Caleb with his presents on his birthday morning

For his birthday Caleb got new Angry Birds decorations for his room (sheets, a new comforter, posters for the walls, pillows and an alarm clock) and a remote control helicopter.  My parents gave him "the Mighty Eagle" character from Angry Birds (in the large green box).  He had told my Mom months ago that is what he wanted so we made sure it was at our house for his birthday morning!

Caleb agreed to take some birthday pictures since I allowed the Mighty Eagle to participate 

Our big boy!

When Caleb arrived at school his teachers had the class elves sitting out in a special display to celebrate his birthday.  The class elves appear on each child's birthday and their appearance is always catered to that child's personality and interests.  They were recreating a scene from an Angry Birds game.  So cute & something special just for Caleb!

The elves on the right are pretending to be Angry Birds in a slingshot made out of blocks-- aiming themselves at the flamingos on the left

At the end of the school day Bryan and I brought cupcakes and juice to Caleb's class.  Caleb's chair was decorated at his table.  I think he was happy we were there!  We also got to see their other class tradition on each child's birthday.  Caleb's classmates all drew a picture for his birthday book and wrote "Happy Birthday Caleb!".  Each classmate drew some type of Angry Birds scene, ha!  One by one each child got up and shared with everyone about the picture they drew.

After school Caleb was blessed to have all 4 of his grandparents come to town to share a birthday dinner with him.  Caleb wanted pizza, salad and fruit along with the Angry Birds cake we decorated together.

Caleb also got an Angry Birds scooter, paper brick building blocks (perfect for Angry Birds to knock down!), an Angry Birds birthday building set and two of the Angry Birds pigs.

Setting up his Angry Birds birthday set (similar to Legos) with Pop Pop

Hannah showed lots of personality during Caleb's birthday party.  It was fun to see her open up around her grandparents.  She even let both Gran Jan & Granny hold her which was great!

Sliding with Daddy

Learning how to blow bubbles with Gran Jan

Caleb ended the night in his newly decorated room with the Mighty Eagle and one of the pigs in his bed :) 

Caleb, we are so thankful for your life.  We know it is no coincidence that we are your parents.  It still amazes me that a child born 7,000+ miles away in a country I had never heard of is my precious, first son who made me a Mama.  You are a unique, intelligent, creative and special little boy.  We have believed from day one that the Lord is writing a powerful story with your life.  What a privilege that we get to be part of it!  Being your parents has been one of the biggest blessings and biggest lessons for us.  God uses you and our role as your parents to refine our character and show us more of who He is.  We are thankful for that.  It feels like you are heading into your 'big boy years' as you turn 6 and have first grade on the horizon.  We love you so very much and look forward to watching you grow, learn and have fun as you enter this next season of your life.  Happy 6th Birthday to our first baby!

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