Sunday, November 25, 2012

Caleb's First Aggie Football Game

Last night we took Caleb to his very first Aggie football game.  We specifically bought tickets that would put us sitting across from the Aggie band and near the tunnel that the football players (and drumline) come out of.  Caleb was apprehensive about going to the game at first so we brought ear protection with us in case it was too loud.  By the time we were loaded up in the car and headed to campus he was talking 100 mph about exactly what the band and football players were going to do.  He was pumped! 

We were able to make it to campus in time to watch the Corp of Cadets march in,  including the band.  Caleb loved watching them and also had a front row view of Reveille as she walked by.  After march in we headed into Kyle Field, got some food and found our seats.  Caleb really enjoyed the game.  He did his best to sing along when we all sang the Spirit of Aggieland, and he loved trying to do the yells and clapping when everyone else clapped!  

Since the Aggies were scoring so much and the game was televised, the first half was a little longer than we expected.  It was nearly 8:30 before halftime started if I remember right.  Caleb loved seeing the band line up and perform on Kyle Field.  He noticed the drum majors, the buglers, and the tuba players.  He pointed out specific formations they were doing and enjoyed watching them on the Jumbo Tron.   I think he was more excited to see the band than anything else!

After halftime we asked Caleb if he wanted to stay or go and he was ready to leave.  He was so obedient, calm and fun the whole time -- we fully expected him to be overwhelmed, tired, hungry, and to have at least one meltdown!  He did fantastic and even managed to walk the whole way back to the historic district where we had parked.  Caleb tried to stay awake and talk but by the time we got on Texas Avenue he was asleep in the back seat, and stayed that way all the way into the house and while we put his pajamas on.  

It was such a thrill to share Texas A&M with Caleb and to see him love it as much as we do.  We look forward to the day when we can take Joshua to his first game and hope that he will be equally brainwashed!
Walking to Kyle Field with Daddy & Daddy Bob


One of the Corps outfits marching in 

Watching march in on Daddy's shoulders

Couldn't take his eyes off the Corp of Cadets!

His first view of Kyle Field

Enjoying our seats before the game started

The drum line & football team entering Kyle Field

It was Senior Day so each senior player entered with fireworks

Watching the game with Daddy

The Aggie Band lining up for halftime

Watching the band perform

"The Pulse of the Spirit of Aggieland" 

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