Sunday, November 25, 2012

Caleb's Thanksgiving Feast

The 4 year old classes at Caleb's school had a Thanksgiving Feast the week before Thanksgiving.  One of Bryan's scribes from the ER came to babysit Joshua at the last minute and my Mom was able to come up to College Station to surprise Caleb.  His school has four 4 year old classes, and they all filed in quietly dressed in their Thanksgiving attire and performed a couple of songs.  Our assigned table was with Caleb's best friend from school, Abby.  Caleb absolutely adores Abby and mentioning her name is often the only way I can convince him to go to school.  They have very similar personalities and interests.  We have been so thankful to see Caleb make a close friend at school!  It was fun to sit with her parents during the feast and visit with them.

We love the boys school.  Everything there is so well done and special.  It was fun to celebrate with Caleb, his teachers and classmates!

The placemat and pine cone turkey that Caleb made

Caleb & Abby singing
Abby's Indian name was "Little Deer" and Caleb's was "Speedy Raccoon" 

Best friends 

Caleb & Granny 

Abby with her parents, Larry & Amy.  
Larry is a former Aggie football player and part of the coaching staff at A&M!

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