Sunday, November 25, 2012

Father/ Son Camping Trip

The first weekend in November our Young Families Sunday school class planned a father/child camping trip.  Bryan was able to ask off of work and take Caleb on the trip.  Caleb was SO excited!  They camped about 45 minutes away at the ranch land of one of our class members.  About 20 dads came with their young children. They had hayrides, made s'mores and enjoyed the great outdoors.  The highlights for Caleb were throwing rocks into the lake and seeing a pack of wild hogs run across the property.  Unfortunately the sad part for Caleb was falling and landing on a cactus.  Another dad had to hold Caleb down while Bryan pulled out each needle.  Luckily Caleb made a quick recovery and still had a great time.  

One concern was how sleeping would go in the tent.  Caleb has a history of being claustrophobic and not wanting to get in tents, bounce houses, etc.  Bryan set up the tent the week before in our backyard so Caleb could get used to it.  He also packed some Benadryl in his duffle bag to help things go well :)  It was daylight savings time which is typically horrendous for young kids.  Caleb managed to sleep from 8:30 pm to 6:30 am which we thought was great all things considered!

I am so thankful that Bryan was willing to use a weekend off to take Caleb on such a fun and memorable trip!  

Taking a hayride

Caleb & Bryan by their tent

Throwing rocks and sticks

Looking at a rainbow in the sky

Being a boy - playing with a large stick before s'mores time

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