Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Test in Parental OCD: Play-Doh

Last weekend we could not go to church because Caleb sounded like he had smoker's cough and had run a bit of fever the night before.  We stayed home since I don't want to be that mom who is checking their obviously sick kid into church childcare.  Caleb has been begging to play with play-doh for days and I had been wildly successful in avoiding it.  Play-doh is messy and risky since it always ends up somewhere it shouldn't.   Plus, I always catch both kids licking and trying to eat the play-doh.  Nothing like trying to scrape a play-doh ball off your toddler's molars.  On top of that, what if the colors get mixed up and the red becomes red-green-blue-brown???  I had plenty of great excuses, but after Caleb's occupational therapist mentioned that it would be a great activity for fine motor skills I really felt guilty.  So on Sunday morning we busted out the play-doh.  

I strapped Joshua into his booster seat at the kitchen table and Caleb (who was sporting his Aggie Band costume) happily carried everything from the laundry room where all play-doh is stored in a non-reachable upper cabinet.  I had a big reality check about my color mixing OCD when I opened our cabinet to get the play-doh.  There were no less than 25 cans of play doh in there.  What am I worried about?? That we are going to run out of red???  So I'm proud to say I let that issue go and we had a great time.  

The boys played with play-doh for almost 2 hours!!  They rolled, stamped, made 'smoothies' in the ice cream maker, made spaghetti and snakes... and the list goes on.  It was a fun way for Bryan and I to spend a morning with them.  We may have ended up with aqua play-doh on the new kitchen rug and on Caleb's khaki pants, but I guess that is the price you pay for some fun time with your sweet children!

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  1. I too have this great fear of play-doh. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get some out soon...maybe.