Sunday, November 25, 2012

Caleb's Last Flag Football Game

Caleb's last flag football game was on Saturday, November 17.  He really enjoyed being a part of the Cobras and improved a lot over the season.  He wouldn't even touch the ball at the beginning of the season!  We were blessed to have nice families on our team and a group of dedicated, patient coaches.  They were always so encouraging to Caleb and looked for ways to help him be a part of the team even when he wasn't the most athletic kid on the field.  

For Caleb's last game he had quite the audience.  My parents, Carolyn, Billy, Will, Craig, Michelle and Bryan's dad (Pop Pop) all came to College Station for the game.  I'm not sure any other kid on the team ever had that big of a cheering section!  We are so grateful that our family cares so much about this sweet boy and wants to see him play, even in very cold weather!  Thank you to our family for all the times you came to watch Caleb - especially each set of grandparents who came multiple times to cheer for Caleb and his team.  

Caleb playing quarterback

Getting his final award and team ball from Coach Jeff

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