Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taylor & Courtney's Wedding

 This weekend my cousin Taylor married Courtney, his high school sweetheart.  They are both originally from Corsicana (my parents hometown) and were married at a beautiful camp/ranch in nearby Kerens, TX.  We drove out with the boys on Saturday afternoon, got changed in my parents' room at the camp and went to the wedding in the small white chapel on the grounds there.  I wish I could say our boys were showing model behavior but I'd probably get struck down by lightning.  They could have been worse, and we did the best we could - but still ended up outside the church by the time Taylor & Courtney got to their vows.

After the ceremony we had time to take a family photo while we all looked clean and before anybody spilled something on their nice clothes.  By some miracle we managed to get the best family photo we have taken in a long time.  Everybody is smiling - and with a normal smile!  Everyone is looking at the camera!  The lighting is good - no shadows on our faces!  Seriously, it is a family with small children photo miracle.  People, don't be shocked if you see this picture on our Christmas card in your mailbox in the next couple months.  I'm not sure it is worth the stress of trying to get a better picture than this one!

We also managed to get a sweet picture of my parents, who will celebrate 40 years of marriage in December!

The boys enjoyed running around in the grass and visiting the candy station while we waited for the reception to start.  It was a great way to burn off energy (and sugar up to get more energy) while we waited.

Once we were inside the reception tent I saw this cute decoration that was on the head table.  Too funny!

It was great to see my Dad's side of the family who we don't get to visit with as often as we'd like.  Caleb had never met my Dad's brother Billy and he took a special liking to him!  He wanted to follow him around the tent and have him sit with us for dinner.  It was pretty cute and funny.  Caleb also decided that he wanted to wear the baby hat I found in my coat pocket along with Bryan's scarf.  What can I say, he is his own person!  He looked like kind of a nut but he was warm.

My Dad, Caleb and his Great Uncle Billy

After dinner was over we changed the boys into their pajamas, loaded up in the truck and made the almost 3 hour drive back home.  We made it back safely around 11pm and were able to easily transfer the boys to their beds for the rest of the night.  It was a long day but well worth it to celebrate my cousin & his new bride!  Congratulations, Taylor & Courtney!

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  1. that is a GREAT photo! totally is no small miracle to get everyone looking good at the same time:) ya'll look beautiful!!