Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Dump

Joshua has recently figured out that you are supposed to smile and say cheese when you have your picture taken and his version of that looks kind of like a disgruntled old man:

We are starting to enter that funny toddler phase where Joshua does things all day to crack us up.  He certainly has his own fashion ideas lately and recently threw a fit when I wouldn't let him take a nap in his Little Einsteins swimsuit!

When he woke up from that nap (in regular clothes, not a swimsuit) he wanted to wear his swim hat so I obliged.  He wore it around the house all afternoon while playing with balloons and posed making his cheese face.

And another funny toddler moment -- Today (without us knowing) Joshua put on one of Caleb's socks over his own socks.  He was so proud of himself:

And a closeup of his sock handiwork on the right foot.  I'm pretty impressed that he was able to put on a sock like that!

Caleb helping me dust in our master bedroom:

Post ice cream sandwich face:

Caleb's popsicle face:

I don't see how this could be a comfortable way to watch TV:

And last but not least, Joshua's Halloween costume came in the mail today!  He LOVES Cookie Monster so he's pretty excited about it!

On my To Do list for next week:  start working on Caleb's requested costume -- The Eiffel Tower!

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