Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bryan's Birthday

We spent the weekend celebrating Bryan's 32nd birthday.  His actual birthday was on Saturday so we started off the morning bright and early before Caleb's 8:30 flag football game.  We made cinnamon rolls & coffee for Daddy and then he opened his presents.

Caleb wrote "DAD" on the card and signed his name inside.  He has been working so hard on his handwriting at school and has made a lot of progress.  I know it makes us both smile to see his scribbly handwriting on paper!  Caleb had already told Bryan that he & Joshua got him new pajamas several days before but Bryan still acted surprised and excited.  They got him tall sized pajamas since most pajama pants look like capris on him :)  I got Bryan a tv to put in the garage.  He hopes to start working out in the garage on our elliptical and doing P90X as well.

After Caleb's flag football game (which we watched in 44 degree weather!) we brought Joshua home for a nap since he woke up at 5am.  We packed up our things for my cousin's wedding that evening and headed to eat lunch at one of Bryan's favorite places, C&J's BBQ before heading out of town.

On Sunday we had Bryan's birthday party.  Bryan had been somewhat ambivalent about having a birthday celebration but I am so glad we did because Caleb was really, really excited about it.  He reminded Bryan no less than 30 times that he was having a party.  Both of our parents and Bryan's sister Carolyn, husband Billy & son Will joined us in College Station for a birthday lunch.  We missed Craig & Michelle who were flying home from watching the Aggies BTHO Auburn.  Whoop!

I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana for lunch and it was delicious!  I will never go back to my old way of making it.   Here is her awesome recipe:

For dessert I went the easy route and picked up a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and white chocolate covered strawberries from HEB.  It was a yummy meal and we had such a good time visiting with our families.

The boys at the kid table

Bryan blowing out his candles with the help of the boys

Bryan, I hope you had a special birthday!  I am so grateful that God chose me to be your wife.  You are an incredible leader, husband, father, physician and friend.  You are a true servant in our family and a such a source of fun, love, and encouragement for our boys.  You are my very best friend who has stood by me at my best and my worst.  I can think of no other person I'd rather spend my life with!  I am grateful for how God has used you in my life and how He continues to grow you as a husband and father.  I pray that the year to come is full of many blessings and opportunities to grow closer to our savior.  I love you! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Bryan! What a fun celebration!