Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Visit from the Campbells

Last weekend one of my very best friends from college, Jamie, and her husband Nick and oldest daughter Lainey came to College Station.  Nick and his college buddies have an annual "brew-b-que" tailgate and we were happy to have them stay with us now that we live here in God's country, aka Aggieland.  Jamie & Nick's youngest daughter Lucy stayed in Dallas with grandparents since tailgating is not exactly conducive to naptime!

We had a great visit! It was so fun to see Caleb & Lainey play together.  Caleb is only 5 months older than Lainey.  Luckily Lainey enjoyed playing outside in the dirt, building water towers and building houses with wooden blocks.  I am looking forward to Lucy visiting in the future because she and Joshua are only 2 months apart in age.

Caleb and Lainey had fun being silly on the guest bed downstairs.
It was all fun and games until Lainey fell :(
Luckily she was ok!

Caleb, Joshua & Lainey enjoying a snack

 Jamie helped me get dinner ready on Friday night.
I wish we could team up every night! 
It is much more fun to cook and clean up the kitchen with a friend!

On Saturday morning Caleb had a flag football game.  Although I wouldn't say he loves the sport, he does enjoy being a part of the team and is participating more and more.  At this game he even agreed to play running back, something he had previously refused to do.  I wouldn't say there was a lot of running involved but we are just proud of him for making progress in his own way.  Lainey cheered for Caleb from the sidelines!

Caleb (#7) in the team huddle

Caleb playing quarterback and handing off the ball

This is classic Caleb during the game.  Every other boy ready for the play, and he's turned around looking the opposite direction :)

Caleb clapping and playing with the football on the sidelines with one of his coaches.
The coaches are so encouraging and kind to Caleb and 
have made this a very positive experience for him!

My parents were also in town for Caleb's game as they had been on their anniversary trip during the previous games.  Caleb was thrilled to see them and have them as a playmate when we got home while Lainey & Jamie went to tailgate and explore campus. 

On both Friday & Saturday night Jamie and I had the gift of uninterrupted conversation while our kids were in bed!  Nobody asked us to go potty, get them a sippy cup or if they could go outside.  It was such a treat to have face-to-face time with one of my dearest friends.  I've been blessed by wonderful friendships with girls I have known since college.  We have all seen each other through many ups and downs.  Time talking with them is always an encouragement and blessing to me, and was by far the best part of our visit!

Thanks for staying with us, Jamie, Nick & Lainey!  We hope you will book your next Aggieland visit at Hotel Pickett!! 

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