Tuesday, December 3, 2013

School Thanksgiving Feasts & Thanksgiving in Houston

We had several great opportunities to celebrate Thanksgiving!  The boys both had Thanksgiving feasts at school.  Joshua's was more low-key and in his classroom since he is only two.  I made turkey cupcakes for his class and really enjoyed being there with him to celebrate!

The boy's table
They each had personalized placemats and macaroni necklaces.
Joshua's necklace said "I am thankful for princesses."  Ha!

 The girl's table.  They were much better at posing & smiling!

Our sweet friend Hank Jordan

Joshua enjoyed his cupcake!

The next day was Caleb's Thanksgiving Feast.  They combined the kindergarten class with the 3's since many of them have siblings in that class.  Both Gran Jan & Granny joined us for the pot-luck style lunch.  Afterwards Caleb enjoyed running around with his classmates and playing with the Angry Birds game he had brought for Show & Tell that day.

 We went to Houston Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving.  Bryan unfortunately had to work Thursday and Friday so he missed lunch at my parent's house on Thursday.

Caleb ready to eat!

Joshua wearing the Indian costume my mom made for him and a turkey head piece!

By Thursday evening Bryan was done with his shift and able to join us in Houston at his parent's house for Thanksgiving.  We took lots of pictures of all the grandkids!

Zach & Charlotte love to interact with one another!
Wearing matching turkey outfits from Gran Jan

All the cousins on the couch!

We have much to be thankful for this year as we celebrate Thanksgiving!

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