Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I am so behind on blogging but want to be sure I document some of the fun things we have done as a family, in the midst of this adoption roller-coaster!

On October 27 we celebrated Bryan's 33rd birthday in Houston.  I was able to buy a gluten free carrot cake from a bakery in College Station, and it was actually pretty good!  Bryan's mom made a delicious lunch for his birthday.

After lunch we put all the grandkids in their Halloween costumes and did a photo shoot.  This is the first year that Caleb has been willing to wear a 'real' Halloween costume.  In the past we dressed him in normal clothes that made up a costume, rather than buying a real costume from the store.

Best buddies

Charlotte from "Charlotte's Web" and Zach the monkey

Spider-men with the little spider

On Halloween I did Trunk or Treat at the boy's school.  We held it indoors due to weather.  I did a jungle theme.

My Mom & Dad joined me to help hand out candy to the kids.

Caleb looking a little dazed and confused during his trunk or treat time

Joshua with his class

Joshua loved getting candy!

That afternoon I organized the class party for Caleb's kindergarten class.

They had pretzel spider webs, mandarin orange pumpkins, cupcakes and juice.  They also got treat bags of candy corn.

That night we got ready to Trick or Treat in our neighborhood!

Our friends the Byrds joined us.  Amelia & Caleb have known each other since they were about 2.5 and are now in the same kindergarten class.  Audrey (3) and Paul (1) also joined us!  Joshua was excited because he always tells me how much he loves Audrey :) 

At our first house- our neighbors, the Walkers!
 After this house we had to remind the kids to not go in the houses!

This house was kind of spooky with a talking witch but the kids loved it!

Posing with all their loot!  I am not sure how much candy they ended up eating that night, but we had a great time!

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