Saturday, December 21, 2013

Going to see Santa

We have not made a trip to see Santa that I can ever remember.  When Caleb was very young we had his picture taken with Santa at various Christmas parties, but by age 2 he was not willing to go anywhere near Santa.  We didn't fight it because honestly, we had bigger things to battle over!  

Last year at their school fundraiser there was an opportunity to take pictures with Santa.  Caleb refused but Joshua was interested, so I stood in line, paid my $5 only to have him refuse and cry when we got to the jolly old guy. 

But this year has been different-- Joshua has been begging to go see Santa.  For awhile Caleb was not interested.  We told him it was his choice because it honestly doesn't matter to me if he poses with Santa or not.  As we headed up to the mall, we told Caleb he could choose whether or not to participate, and if he did then he could choose to sit or stand and that he didn't have to sit on Santa's lap.  By the time it was our turn he was bouncing with excitement, and Joshua was thrilled too!  Caleb had seen another 'big boy' sit next to Santa so he was willing to do that.  

Caleb asked Santa for "Angry Birds Star Wars toys" and Joshua asked for "Peppa Pig toys". I was relieved they didn't bust out with any new ideas since Santa has already packed his sleigh :)  Joshua had asked for 'a breakable Tiana princess' earlier in the day and I told him that Santa can't bring breakables to kids and that they would get broken in his sleigh.  

We were so proud of Joshua for being brave and of Caleb for stepping outside his comfort zone to do something new for him.  He has had a great week with lots of signs that he is maturing into a big boy, and we are so grateful to have an encouraging and fun week with both of them! 

Merry Christmas from the Pickett boys!

Posing in front of the living room tree before we go see Santa

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