Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mom's Birthday, Mother's Day & Will's Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to Houston to celebrate my Mom's birthday, Mother's Day, and cousin Will's 2nd birthday.  Unfortunately Bryan had to work on Saturday so we drove down in two vehicles so he could drive back Friday night before his shift at 6am on Saturday morning.

My Mom's birthday was earlier in the week but we chose to celebrate on Friday.  The boys enjoyed helping Granny blow out her candles.

That evening we went out to dinner at Salt Grass Steakhouse to celebrate Mother's Day for both of us.

On Saturday morning we went to Will's birthday party!  Carolyn was able to have his party at the huge volleyball complex where she used to work.  There were all kinds of tunnels, balls, and bounce houses to play in.  The boys had tons of fun!  Caleb really enjoyed this giant inflatable ball that you can get inside of and roll around-- kind of like a hamster ball!  We were also shocked to see him climb into the bounce house to jump!  He has always been terrified of bounce houses, so this was his first time to get inside one and have fun!  It was a big step for him.  Joshua loved playing with all the kids who were so close in age to him!

Joshua in the bounce house

Caleb loved playing in this inflatable ball.
Luckily it belongs to Gran Jan & Pop Pop, who won it at a silent auction!


 Caleb on the way home from Houston.
He hasn't napped in almost 3 years and rarely falls asleep in the car!

The following day was Mother's Day.  Bryan made sure he was off from work and worked so hard to make my day special, which is a lot of work when you are taking care of 2 little ones!  I got breakfast in bed - which was delivered in spurts as Caleb started to sneak items off the tray to bring to me because he was so excited!  When they finally all came into the room Joshua yelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!".  He's still trying to sort out major holidays involving Mommy :)   Both boys wanted to join me in bed and ate 2 of my 3 strawberries while I opened my gifts.   I got a really cute bird decoration to put on my sofa table (hard to explain, but Bryan did a great job-- it was definitely my style!) and an insulated drink cup that says "Best Mom Ever" that Joshua insisted on buying.  Bryan suspects that Joshua wanted to buy it because he was thirsty while they were in the store ;)  Bryan was smart this time and did not take Caleb shopping since he has a tendency to spill the beans about gifts!  My card from the boys had owls on it (one of my favorite things) and Caleb insisted that Bryan write "Happy Hoots Day!" inside the card, and he told me that several times throughout the day.  I have no idea what that means - but he just really cracks me up!

I'm a brave soul posting a pajama picture from first thing in the morning... but this is real life!
You can see Joshua enjoying my strawberries!!

We went to church that morning and came home to have Bryan grill our lunch.  The idea of going out to eat on Mother's Day with a 2 year old and a 5 year old sounds like Mother's Day h-e-double-hockey-sticks to me so we opted for a meal at home!  Bryan grilled maple glazed salmon, vegetable skewers and corn on the cob.  It was delicious!  After lunch Joshua took a nice long nap, and Bryan took Caleb out of the house so I could have some quiet rest time, too!  Breakfast in bed + someone else cooking lunch + kid free nap time = amazing Mother's Day!

One of the best parts of my day was a text from Joshua's birthmother, Brynn, telling me Happy Mother's Day.  When I told her the same and thanked her for letting me be Joshua's mommy too she told me that she couldn't have picked a better mommy for him.  She definitely made me cry right before we went into church!

If you had asked me several years ago if we'd have that kind of relationship with one of our children's birthmother I would have said no.  I never imagined it was possible to have such a healthy, comfortable and loving relationship in those circumstances.  The way God has knit our hearts together with a mutual love for a precious, smart, and beautiful little boy is incredible to me.  It is never far from my mind that my joy as a mom comes from another mother's grief in placing her child for adoption.  My heart aches just as much if not more for Caleb's birthmother in Kyrgyzstan, because she likely does not know if he is even alive, let alone that he is a healthy, vibrant and unique little boy thriving in America.

On Mother's Day I posted this on facebook as my status- a true representation of how I feel about my journey as a Mom.

I am celebrating Mother's Day because of the selfless, courageous choices of two women: one on the other side of the world who has not seen her son since he was born 8 weeks early, and another here in my own state who allowed me to watch her beautiful baby be born, made a brave choice that is often not celebrated, and is still a wonderful blessing in all of our lives. Happy Mother's Day to my sons incredible birth mothers. Thank you for entrusting me with their lives and making me a Mommy!

LOVE these sweet boys!

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