Saturday, May 18, 2013

April/ May Photo Dump

Warning:  tons of pictures.  This is what happens when I finally download pictures from my phone!

Normally I don't post potty pictures, but this one is 
a) modest and b) cute!
So proud of Joshua who is doing awesome on potty training at just 26 months old!

First trip to the dentist
He has the death grip on that dentist chair!

Letting the dentist look at his teeth
Joshua did AMAZING! I was so proud of him.

Caleb's turn later that afternoon!
Last summer he nearly hyperventilated and was uncooperative - I had to hold him down in my lap to be examined.
This year was a HUGE difference!  So proud of him! 

Picnic in the fort
Caleb's prayer for the meal thanked God for baby sister Hannah :) 

Just chillaxin on the couch with his roars (loveys) in his shirt-- a favorite activity :) 

Helping Mommy wash the van

Joshua 'swaddled' like a baby
The boys like to talk about baby Hannah and pretend to be babies :)

Caleb drew this picture of my Mom with chalk!

At Rachel & Jared's wedding in Brenham with our friends the Lehmans

Caleb's 2 story Lincoln Log creation
He got these lincoln logs several years ago from the McGraths and literally plays with them

Enjoying a day alone with Joshua- watering the plants!

The boys did great in childcare during our first time to attend the adoption support group at our church. We went out for ice cream to celebrate their great behavior!

Excited about ice cream! 

Watering the garden with his shades on

Picture taken from inside -- I told them to leave the water off and these two were partners in crime and worked together to be naughty!! 

Proud of the carrots from their garden
I'm pretty sure Joshua is holding the world's smallest carrot-- someone call The Guinness Book of World Records!

Caleb feeding the not-so-hungry ducks on his play date with his teachers

Caleb and his teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Geralyn.
They worked so hard to make this a fun, special time for Caleb!

Sophie shows her approval of the rug & fabrics I've picked out for Hannah's room.
I plan to sew a lot of her bedding and other room decorations.

Swimming at the Caraway's new house
Joshua had no fear and went right in wearing his puddle jumper!

All the boys after swimming.  The Caraways have 3 boys.
Joshua - who normally eats very little at dinner time - ate THREE pieces of pizza after swimming!
Joshua loved being with all the big boys.  I even heard him say, "Hey guys want to play pirates???".  He thought he was one of the big boys too!

Mommy-Joshie cupcake date after he said to me, 
"Mommy, I need to eat a beautiful cupcake."

A view of my cracked monitor screen-
Joshua refusing to nap and taking off his clothes instead. 

Sorry for the blurry picture - it was taken in stealth mode!
He eventually fell asleep after peeing in the bed
(which I didn't realize until later!)
26 months old -- and sleeping in the nude!
And yes, I think it's crazy that he sleeps with that much junk in his bed but he calls all of them his "friends"

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