Sunday, March 31, 2013

Painting & Baking

For Joshua's 2nd birthday his big gift from us was a Melissa & Doug easel set.  I think Caleb was almost as excited as Joshua was when he saw the present!  We finally put it together and the boys loved having a turn to paint.  I wish I could say I thought it was fun... but it mostly made me a nervous wreck that paint would end up all over the house!!  Luckily they did a great job of painting where they were supposed to and had a great time.

You can't beat painting in your underwear and a smock

Caleb and I made a batch of gluten free cookies that afternoon while Joshua napped.  Bryan started eating gluten free in February and it was our first time to try out this new recipe from friend Meredith in Temple.  They were really yummy - which is not always true of gluten free baked goods!

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