Thursday, March 7, 2013

Joshua's School Birthday Celebration

On Wednesday Joshua got to celebrate his birthday with his classmates at school.  The celebration almost didn't happen since I forgot to make the cupcakes until we woke up at 7:30 that morning!  Luckily I had already bought all of the supplies and was able to whip up these babies by our 8:40 departure time:

Joshua was very upset that he could not open the cupcake carrier and taste test the cupcakes prior to school, and may have had a classic 2 year old tantrum before we loaded up in the minivan.  When Bryan and I came up to the school for Joshua's celebration the teachers told us that he spent all of 'center time' trying to get to the cupcakes instead of working on his fine motor skills :)

The birthday boy was thrilled to have MOMMY! DADDY! at school with him.  We helped pass out the treats to the class and everyone promptly made a huge mess.

One of the cutest little baby boys I've ever seen

And because you can never have too much of this cuteness:

The birthday boy, sporting a chocolate icing 'stache

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