Monday, February 4, 2013


Over the past two weeks I have worked on several projects around the house.  Over Christmas Caleb had a meltdown that included him crying, "When are you going to make me a calendar???".  Poor buddy has a lot of anxiety over what we will do each day and what is ahead.  The fact that Bryan's work schedule changes every week does not help, either!  We had a small calendar at our old house but needed something more detailed for Caleb.  I had already gathered all the materials and let Caleb help me with putting it together.  It has been a huge help for him!  He loves to 'play school' and point to the calendar to talk about days of the week, the month, and our activities.

Helping Daddy hang the calendar in the hallway

The finished product - it is dry erase and magnetic.  I made laminated magnets for all of our different activities so we can update it each week.

Another project I did was to update the decor in our breakfast room.  When we moved we brought a small hutch with us that we bought at the beginning of medical school.  It served use well in previous homes but just didn't serve much purpose here.  So I sold it in one day on a facebook consignment page and got to work on a collage on my big, open wall!   After I bought all my items I traced them on wrapping paper to figure out the spacing (thanks pinterest) and that helped me know where to put the nails in the wall, too! 

Finished product!  I am very happy with how it turned out.

I am the room mom for Joshua's class which means I'm responsible for teacher birthday gifts.  One of Joshua's teachers loves holiday decorations so in addition to getting her a gift card, I also made her a Valentine's Day wreath!  Caleb modeled my initial progress as I made my first yarn wreath.  

The finished product - textured yarn wreath with a grouping of felt flowers & hearts

It feels nice to cross some things off my 'to do list' and to also do some crafty decorating things that I enjoy!

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