Monday, February 4, 2013

January Photo Dump

I've gotten a tad behind on blogging about life with the boys.  The past two weeks have been consumed by school, basketball practice, sick kids, Bryan working, and of course adoption paperwork.  Here are some photos that capture some fun(ny) parts of our month!

Caleb loves to be outside riding his bike!
We recently got him a glide bike (no pedals/training wheels) to help prepare him for a 'big boy bike'.

Sweet Joshie sitting in the chair like a big boy.
His vocabulary has exploded over the past 6 weeks! 

Caleb sporting an ace bandage on his head (no, he's not hurt) while using marbles to make Aggie band formations on the floor-- a favorite quiet activity while Joshua naps!

Caleb had his first basketball practice at the beginning of January!
He has learned a lot and is having a ton of fun.  Several friends from school are on his team. 

Working on buttons using a practice board.
Fine motor skills are a challenge for Caleb and activities like this really help him! 

Joshua trying to be just like big brother - practicing on the zipper board 

Joshua fell while getting off the tricycle in the driveway and got a swollen lip.  It bled a lot at first, and of course Bryan was at work! I almost had our friend (and fellow ER doc) Ty come over to look because I was afraid his lip was split in the corner.  Luckily it wasn't that bad and has healed completely.

Silly boy!

Caleb and I played Jenga for the first time while Joshua napped.  My tower-loving boy was a big fan! 

A typical afternoon in our house.  After sibling rivalry and discipline, Joshua took off his pants and diaper.  

By the middle of the month my sweet baby stopped sleeping well and just felt crummy.  I thought it may be teeth but a trip to the pedi proved otherwise -- double ear infection & sinus infection.   

Of course Joshua had to bring Boppity to the pediatrician and do a weight check on her.

Caleb is getting to be such a big boy and much more independent and helpful.
He brought the trash can in all by himself! 

Daddy helping Joshua make a basket on our new basketball goal

 Breakfast with Boppity & 'Rella (Cinderella)

Joshua worked SO hard to get Cinderella on his tricycle. 
He was very proud of himself when he finally succeeded! 

Taking a little spin with his best girl, 'Rella 

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