Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Santa for Little People" Party

The boys attend the School for Little People at Christ United Methodist Church in College Station.  Each year they have an annual fundraiser and we attended this year for the first time on December 7th.  We were happy to have all four grandparents join us, too!  The event was very well done although chaotic with tons of preschoolers running around hyped up on sugar!  They had a dessert table, hot chocolate, balloon artists, craft stations, a silent auction and of course an opportunity to visit with Santa and have your picture taken.

Caleb with one of his fantastic teachers, Ms. Susan

Caleb insisted he did not want to go talk to Santa which is fine by me.  I know some people love to have a picture of their kids with Santa each year, even if the kids are screaming.  Caleb has always known what he likes and does not like - and visiting with Santa is not at the top of his list of things to do.  I know if we forced him to do it we'd likely end up with a screaming 4 year old making a huge scene on the stage so I choose to pick my battles and let him bypass the visit with Santa!  Joshua said he did want to see Santa so we waited in line, paid the $15 for the picture and then he refused to even let Santa touch him!  So we had a great time with me posing next to "Santy" as Joshua calls him.  

Joshua's $15 visit with Santa

One of the most popular activities was playing with the "snow" which was styrofoam popcorn peanuts.   

I wish I had gotten more pictures, especially ones of the boys with their grandparents but it was a little hectic.  We had a great time at the event and won some great stuff at the silent auction, many of it thanks to the generous bidding of the grandparents!  

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