Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year Bryan was unfortunately scheduled to work most of the days leading up to and after Christmas, except for Christmas Eve.  We made the plan to head to Houston after his shift on Sunday and spend Christmas Eve celebrating with his family before heading home.  

Unfortunately our plans were somewhat changed as Bryan's grandmother, Grandma Pickett, passed away on Tuesday December 18th at the age of 88.  Bryan was able to get his shift covered on Saturday, so we ended up bringing the boys to my parents on Friday so we could attend the visitation and funeral in Louisiana.  We are sad to have lost Grandma Pickett but were so encouraged by the legacy she left of faith-filled children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Bryan drove to College Station and back to work his Sunday shift and then we headed over to his parent's house to celebrate Christmas with them.  Craig, Michelle, Carolyn, Billy & Will came over on the morning of Christmas Eve so we could exchange gifts and have Christmas lunch.  

The boys opening up their big gift from Gran Jan & Pop Pop -
a new trampoline!  It has been a big hit.

Will got a Cozy Coupe Truck!

Our best attempt at a group shot on Christmas Eve

Gran Jan & Pop Pop with their grandsons - notice Caleb's feet aren't even touching the floor

Daddy & Caleb having fun outside 

My sweet Joshie, who is now big enough to swing on the big boy swing all by himself 

Will was kind enough to share his truck with Joshua,
Joshua was kind enough to share his shoes with Will,
and Michelle was kind enough to push them around at 33 weeks pregnant!! 

Will's turn to drive 

We drove home to College Station that afternoon and our boys were pretty much maxed out-- Caleb had multiple massive meltdowns while in Houston, and Joshua had a huge 45 minute meltdown when we woke him up from his nap to get him out of the car.  All signs pointed to total disaster if we tried to attend church (with no nursery service!) so we opted for an evening at home.  

Bryan put together the boy's trampoline outside while I made Pioneer Woman homemade spaghetti sauce, salad and bread.  We ate in the dining room with candles and the boys thought that was really special.  Of course Joshua had to bring his new favorite lovey, a stuffed Fairy Godmother doll he calls "Boppity" to the table.  She is included in our family photo leaning up against my cup :)

Caleb was excited about the candles and couldn't wait to blow them out after our meal. 
Of course he wanted to use a portable fan.

The boys took baths and then we made some cookies for Santa.  The boys tasted them to make sure they were going to be ok.   

Bryan read the Christmas story out of the Bible and we had the boys help act it out with our Fisher Price Nativity.  Sadly Caleb got distracted mid-story and we soon found a toy front-loader rumbling straight towards the manger scene.  We never have a dull moment around here :)

The boys were exhausted and went to bed easily that night which gave Santa plenty of time to get to work!    

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  1. ahhh, looks like y'all had a great time! love boppity and the fan:) sweet pics!