Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday Funday

We had a busy Sunday.  It was Kick Off Sunday at our new church, Grace Bible Church.  All of the students are back in town (hence the increase in bad driving around CS) so it was very crowded.  Our Sunday School class was having a welcome week for new visitors.  By the time we got to church, Joshua's nursery room was already full.  Luckily there was a large breakfast buffet in our class so we kept him quiet for most of the class by letting him shovel fruit, muffins and eggs into his mouth.

During the church service Caleb asked to come with us (we normally leave him in class for 2 sessions). In the past he just can't be quiet or still for that long!  We sat in the back and gave him crayons and paper.  He was a little wiggly during worship but enjoyed drawing for the rest of the service.  We are still working on his whisper volume but overall we were really proud of how well he did.  It seems that he always has a megaphone attached to his mouth regardless of where we are -- and no, we don't think he is hard of hearing -- just enthusiastic :)  Most of his "whisper talk" during church was about water towers, of course.

After church Joshua took a long nap and I got to get a pedicure while Bryan played with Caleb.  That afternoon we went to a local gymnastics place with our Sunday school class.  It was crawling with kids & their families and the boys had a blast!  They had pizza, desserts and drinks.  Perfect combo - come feed your kids and wear them out at the same time!

Joshua in the ball pit with Daddy

Caleb on the pommel horse

The gym also had a large bounce house thing that was more like a very long obstacle course.  Caleb wouldn't go anywhere near it but Joshua kept asking to go in.  It was a little too wild for someone his age but towards the end of the evening I decided to climb up a fairly steep inflatable ladder so I could take him down the slide.  I was a little leery - but let it be known that one of the staff members egged me on.  The bouncy thing looked kind of like this, although I'm pretty sure the climbing area/slide at the end was MUCH steeper on the one I attempted... or at least that is what I'm telling myself.

So I climbed into the obstacle course carrying Joshua and started to climb up on these little steps that were about the size of an ice cream sandwich.  I quickly realized that since I was holding him I had to climb sideways and using only one side of my body.  NOT GOOD friends, NOT GOOD.  

I got all the way to the top step and quickly realized I was about to bust it.  I tried to set Joshua on top of the platform but I was about to go down.  I grabbed him and held on as tight as I could while I slid down the stairs, bumping every step along the way.  Let me just say it was not my most graceful moment and I was mortified when I realized a group of Dads nearby watched the whole thing.  I ended up with some kind of rug burn on my left arm where I slid down.  Way to make a first impression!

You know that cliche saying "reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars"?  I'm pretty sure I proved last night that if you are climbing and reaching for the moon at age 31 with a baby in your arms, you are going to land on your butt in a bounce house with a red rash on your arm and a bruised ego.  There were no stars in sight!!

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