Monday, August 27, 2012

Around the House

Today was a low key but productive day filled with visits from contractors and projects around the house.  We had our alarm activated (stay away, burglars!) and had the plumbers come out to fix a couple things.  Bryan also got several projects done around the house like hanging pictures and curtains.  We have yet to find the box with his cordless drill in it so luckily my Dad brought us his to borrow in the meantime.

I've felt crummy and sore most of the day and had a lot of back and neck pain.  Bryan and I could not figure out why my neck and back hurt so bad.  It just occurred to me after writing my last blog post that I *might* be hurting because I busted it down a slide while holding a 23 lb baby in my arms.  Hmmm, ya think that would cause some soreness??

Here are our highlights from not-so-thrilling today:

The boys were elated when some excavation equipment was delivered to the lot across the street

Sweet Joshie is a climber - and quickly realized he can climb on Daddy's S&W rocking chair.  
Is there anything cuter than a baby in footie pajamas? He has to wear these so he won't take off his pajamas and paint with his diaper in the morning.

Caleb's interpretation of the Eiffel Tower.  He reminds us daily that it is "in France".  He is sure to point out that there is an arch on the bottom just like the real Eiffel Tower, and also loves to talk about how the real one has X's on it to make it stronger.  Our little engineer.

Joshua after we let him eat a cookie from Chick Fil A after dinner tonight.  
He kept saying "Uh oh, cookie" in the backseat. 

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