Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hot Lava Soup

Last night I planned to make chicken tortilla soup for dinner after a long day of unpacking box after box after box of nonsense.  Caleb was getting a little rowdy, which is typical for him (and most kids!) around 5pm.  I decided to ask him to help me cook to keep him from tearing the house down and knocking his brother over in the process.  

Caleb was thrilled to help cook and I was reminded that I need to include him more in things like this.  It kept him out of trouble so we both stayed happy and positive, it helped him to practice focusing on a task and following directions, and he used some fine motor skills too.  Plus I had some company in the kitchen!

I let Caleb pour ingredients into the pot and help stir.  While I was cleaning up, he continued to stir the soup and I heard him coaching himself saying, "Now just stir up this HOT LAVA very gently....".   Mmmmm, hot lava soup!  I didn't care what he called it as long as he was helping and not making a mess or getting hurt!

And this is what Bryan & Joshua did while we slaved in the kitchen:
Enjoying an episode of Little Einsteins on the couch
(Joshua's favorite show & new obsession)

Caleb was happy to eat some of the soup at dinner along with his mac n' cheese.  He declared that is was "very very good" and I'm sure his willingness to try it and his opinion of the soup was influenced by the fact that he was my sous chef! 

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