Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday, August 18: Adoption Finalization Day

Last night Samuel slept really well in bed with us.  We were told in our updates (and again on gotcha day) that he does not sleep in a crib.  It sounded like he was used to sleeping in a toddler or twin sized bed in his foster family.  That works out great since we have a toddler bed set up in our room and a twin bed set up in his room with Joshua at home.  We did not request a crib from the hotel but instead decided to let him co-sleep for bonding purposes.  He slept really well from about 9pm-7:30am when we had to wake him to go get breakfast.  In true toddler fashion, he was a bed hog and I seemed to lose more and more of my king-sized bed real estate as the night went on.  Our room is very nice but like most buildings in China, we wish we could crank the a/c a little more and turn on a ceiling fan.  It is hot!

Samuel ate great at breakfast: eggs, noodles, fruit, 2 yogurts and some juice (most of which spilled from an open cup onto my lap when he tried to grab it!).  He didn't stuff as much food this time which was great.  He loves the aquarium at the buffet which we suspect is not for decorative purposes but instead holds the next day's buffet items.

We met our guide at 9am and the first stop was the notary office.  It was very busy.  Luckily we had an appointment and were able to sign our official documents and answer questions affirming that we want to adopt Samuel.  We paid the notary fee and the next stop was to head back to Civil Affairs where we had gotcha day the day before.

On the way to Civil Affairs Samuel fell asleep.  Now keep in mind he had a solid night sleep and has had no issues with energy related to his blood levels.  We suspect this was a coping mechanism a lot like what we saw in Hannah.  He slept through 90% of the civil affairs appointment, even when they did his official footprint on documents.  He did wake up for the finalization ceremony and pictures, though.

The orphanage director and our guide using the money counting machine to count our orphanage donation fee.

Samuel asleep in the play room where he had waited for us the day before.

Sleeping as Mommy and Daddy sign their names a hundred times and do many red thumbprints on documents

Still sleeping as we took off his shoe and did the official red footprint. 
The lady in blue is the director of Civil Affairs (or at least in charge of adoption proceedings).  She was very kind and personable.  She asked us quite a few questions about our desire to adopt Samuel, why we were adopting from China and how prepared we were to meet his medical needs.  She seemed satisfied with our answers and enjoyed hearing about all of our children, especially that they were all adopted.

Posing for an official photo after we did the finalization ceremony.  The civil affairs director gave as short speech wishing the children well and thanking us for adopting them.  We were each presented with our official adoption certificate.

Samuel's adoption was the 100th adoption in Guangxi this year. Our guide says this is good luck!

Our next stop was the supermarket to get this guy a different sippy cup, some underwear, pull ups and snacks!

We struggled to find underwear small enough for Samuel (maybe because all little kids go commando??).  On the underwear aisle there were hundreds of packages of different sizes all featuring Chinese models.... except for the size they call "FAT" which clearly showed a large American business man! We got a real kick out of that.

Also seen at the supermarket:  frogs and turtles for purchase in the deli! 

It is not uncommon to see 3-4 people, including young children, riding on mopeds in China

Mr. Cool Guy trying on Daddy's sunglasses

Love the way he looks at his Daddy... and that he accepts care and comfort from both of us! 

Back in the room, we played with toys.  Samuel loved the toy phone that makes noise and sings songs. 

Working a major deal on this phone

For lunch we ordered room service - fried rice with meat and fried rice noodles.  It cost about 1/4 the price of us all eating at restaurant buffet where we cannot eat most of the food (sushi, raw oysters, salad etc).  Samuel loved having a picnic and does a great job feeding himself.  He has a big appetite.

Samuel took turns scooting close to Bryan for a bit and then close to me.  It amazes us that he already clearly thinks of us as his parents.  Any adult who went through the changes he has experienced in his life, let alone the past 24 hours, would likely be in turmoil.  

Finishing off his food China style :) 

In the afternoon we laid down for a nap.  Samuel let me rub his back to help him settle down.  If I stopped, he would grab my hand and put it back on his back.  We are so thankful that he will accept comfort from us.  We were expecting a short nap since he slept this morning at Civil Affairs.  3.5 hours later we all woke up!!   We decided to walk to a "western" restaurant our guide told us about with another couple who is here adopting as well.

Samuel taking a water break while Daddy exchanged money in the lobby

Riding on Daddy's shoulders as we walked 15 minutes to the restaurant

At the restaurant we ordered beef with rice, french fries and pizza.  There was no bottled water so the other Dad went to get us some.  Samuel loved the soup they brought to the table and ate lots of french fries too.  Bryan's beef dish was good but spicy, and my pizza was pretty mediocre.  During the meal Samuel whimpered and let us know he needed to potty.  Bryan took one for the team yet again and took him to the potty--- a squatty potty.  Samuel knew just what to do and even knew how to flush the potty with the foot pedal.

You know you are jealous of this! 

We have enjoyed more play time in the room, FaceTimed with the kids and Bryan gave Samuel a bath.  He enjoyed his bath a little more tonight and was splashing and even sitting down a bit.  He seems to get mad when we put pajamas on him at night, so I'm not sure if he is just tired or if he was used to sleeping in a diaper or something.

Tomorrow is a free day and our guide is taking us to a local mountain and park to sightsee.  It will certainly be hot, humid and sweaty but we are looking forward to it.  We are basically killing time in this province until Samuel's passport is ready on Friday, and then we will take a bullet train to our next stop-- Guangzhou-- for Samuel's medical exam and visa appointment.

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