Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday 8/24: Safari Park

Another day down in Guangzhou, just a few more to go!  Today was a free day so our agency arranged for our group of 3 families to go to the Safari Park.  It was about a 45 minute drive from our hotel and we left after breakfast.  We were able to stay for 4 hours and enjoyed the drive thru safari and the many animal exhibits.  It was a cross between Disney's Animal Kingdom and a great zoo. The animals were all very active and visible so we really enjoyed that.  We had noticed that Samuel likes animals so he really loved it too! 

In our hotel lobby before leaving for the safari park.  I have no idea what the 30 means but I love my boy's sweet smile in this pic!

Killing time riding the escalator up and down, up and down

Samuel slept on the way to the safari park.  He tends to pass out every time we drive for more than 5 minutes.  Our guide helped us get tickets then let us explore on our own while she went back to the city to handle paperwork for our adoptions.

We went to the safari train ride first.  Bryan and I both love the beautiful trees that filled the park.  Here's the lovely view while we waited in line for the train.

All aboard! Poor Samuel wasn't sure what to think.  I can't imagine what he thinks is going on with us.  Which hotel do we live in? Why are they taking me to a doctor? Why are we on a train? What is going on??? He sure is a good sport!

Once on the train Samuel LOVED seeing the animals.  He was so excited.  It gave me a lump in my throat to see his joy at experiencing something like this.  He spent the entire ride pointing his finger and chattering away in Cantonese about the animals.  

Love the excitement on his face!

And this one, just because he is precious.  He loved seeing the lions and then realizing he had a lion on his shirt.  


Giraffes chilling in the giraffe house

After the tour our next stop was to feed the giraffes! Samuel was a little uncertain at first but still enjoyed it.

We then walked up on some kind of elephant show.  The elephants were so close to us!  There were at least 10 of them.

We made our way to the Panda exhibit.  This safari park is famous for having panda triplets that were born a little over a year ago.

An adult panda just chillin'

The playroom for the panda triplets

The baby pandas were all playing with their toys.  This one was swinging in a little basket swing! So cute!

Just like Disney, you walk through a zoo gift shop as you leave each major exhibit.  Wonder what this Chinese lady in the background thinks of me in the Panda Triplet headband???

We then went to the children's area where they had free rides.  Samuel liked the carousel a lot and didn't want to get off the ride when it was over, even though he looks solemn in every picture!

Checking out a giant circus ball with Daddy after the carousel

It was almost time to go so we made our way out via the primate section.  Love the meditation pose on this monkey.

Just to give you an idea of how beautiful the safari park was... this is the sidewalk leading through the primate area.  The canopy of trees was pretty and helpful on a very hot day!  We were so sweaty by the end of our time there.   I am not sure what we would have done without the stroller we borrowed from the hotel.  

Monkeys playing on spinning hamster wheel contraptions! This was fun to watch.

A video of the playful monkeys 

Love this mother with her tiny baby!

On our way out we saw a concession stand called "Mr. Sleeve-fish".  Don't worry, we resisted the urge and did not eat here.

 Samuel was pooped from the long day at the safari park. He napped in the stroller and for a little while in the van on the way back.

Once back in the room, Samuel was in rare form.  It was 4:30 so too late for a real nap.  He busied himself with all kinds of things, including pushing the buttons so rapidly on the room safe that he broke it.  It set off the alarm on it for a good 10 minutes then couldn't be re-locked.  Bryan had to call the front desk and they sent 2 staff members up to fix it.  He is living up to his nickname of "tornado".

We went to dinner with the McDonalds again.  We managed to find a noodle restaurant that our guides told us about.  We ordered dumplings, noodle dishes, sautéed greens (none of us are sure what vegetable it was but it was certainly delicious!) and they brought an egg dish for the kids.  The food was very good and cheap, and the boys both ate and ate and ate.  I was proud of myself for eating my entire meal with chopsticks!

After dinner Samuel took a bath and is now fast asleep in our bed!

We are going to bed with grateful hearts for many reasons:  Samuel's Tb test came back negative and his blood counts look great for our travel in just a few days!  Caleb had a great start to second grade today!  We are on the home stretch of our trip and ready to have all 4 of our kids together under one roof.  

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment for Samuel's visa interview.  The appointment is at 10am and we hope to receive Samuel's visa on Wednesday.  

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