Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hannah is 2!

On Friday we celebrated Hannah's 2nd birthday!  Like most two year olds, Hannah did not really understand ahead of time what birthdays are all about.  It seems that both of our boys had birthdays figured out and knew to be excited by the time they turned three.  Even though she may not remember any of it, I was excited to make her feel special as we celebrated her birthday.  

We spent Hannah's actual birthday as a family- Hannah woke up and opened gifts, we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and family dinner at home. On Saturday we had grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to our house for a "Tea for TWO" birthday party for Hannah.  

And now for picture overload...

Hannah's last night as a one year old

Hannah's birthday gifts & balloons ready the night before

Our sweet 2 year old with her gifts!

Hannah had lots of help opening her gifts

Hannah got books, puzzles and a Bitty Baby that looked just like her!
Here we are (bedhead and all!) right after she opened Bitty Baby.

Posing with Bitty Baby on the window sill

Getting ready to blow out the candles on her birthday

Hannah got so excited when the smoke would rise from the candles... we blew out candles again and again and again, often with lots of brotherly help!

Watching the video of her happy birthday moment over and over again on Daddy's phone

Posing with Bitty Baby on the front porch.  I love this sweet little girl!

The next day was Hannah's tea party.  I left in the morning to drive to Bryan and pick up Hannah's birthday cake @ 8:30.  On my way home down Highway 6 I was driving in the left lane.  A truck in the right lane lost a large arm chair from the back of their truck.  It hit the van behind them, then bounced across the highway right in front of me and hit my van.  It was terrifying! Luckily the only damage was to my front bumper-- I was ok and so was the cake!  

While I was gone Bryan got the kids ready for the party and did other last minute preparations.  Joshua got himself dressed for the party, complete with fairy wings and one of Hannah's headbands.

Birthday girl all dressed in her tea cup outfit!

I love planning my kid's birthday parties and decorating.  It was especially fun to do a girly party for the first time!  

The drink station

Kids tea party table

Food table in our dining room

Amazing cake by Peace, Love & Cakes in Bryan

Unbelievable cookies by Haute Dots Bakery (our dear family friend, Ann!)

Hannah's smash cake- which she did not smash! She does not like getting dirty.

Party favors- Pink Lemonade play doh in mason jars

Welcome sign to match the invitation

Before the party started we caught my niece Charlotte sneaking a sandwich from the food table!

Cousins at the tea party table

Cheese! Happy birthday girl having fun at her party

Not sure what Caleb was doing, but Zach thought he was pretty funny!

So glad I actually remembered to take pictures of Hannah with her grandparents!
Hannah with Granny and Daddy Bob

Hannah with Gran Jan and Pop Pop

A group shot of our family that came to the party!

We adore this birthday girl! 

Hannah was very stoic during the birthday song.  She never would blow out the candles like she did the night before!  Eventually her brothers helped her out.

Now it's time for presents! Hannah had lots of helpers!

Wearing Bitty Baby's hat on her head while using her new Bitty Baby changing table

Charlotte loves to have her picture taken!

And Hannah does too!

Playing with a new tea set from Gran Jan & Pop Pop

Pretty sure this is not the intended use of the Bitty Baby changing table! Her mischievous face cracks me up!

To our daughter on her birthday-- You are sweet, smart, spunky, resilient and beautiful.  We are so thankful that two years ago your birth mom in China chose life for you.  This time of year is bittersweet as we celebrate you and remember your hard beginnings.  I keep thinking about your birth mom and wish there was a way she could know you are safe, loved, treasured, and thriving.  While we will never know details about her or the beginning of  your life, I choose to believe she loved you and wanted the best for you.  We are honored to be your family.  It feels like you have always been with us and we are so thankful that you act like this is where you always belonged.  We pray that the year to come is full of joy, new milestones and love for you, our precious daughter!  Happy Birthday Hannah Elizabeth Ping!

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