Friday, July 25, 2014

Austin with Brynn

Earlier this week we made a short trip to Austin.  We had plans to spend the day at the zoo with Joshua's birth mom Brynn on Monday.  We drove up Sunday afternoon and stayed at Barton Creek with Joshua & Hannah.  Caleb had the opportunity to go spend the night with my parents so he did that and enjoyed lots of one-on-one attention.  While we love being with all of our kids, it was fun to just have the two littles with us for this trip.  Joshua felt really special getting to stay at a 'big hotel!' and I know Hannah had fun too.  We enjoyed swimming and eating dinner by the pool.

Chilling poolside with my littles

Our little fish! He made friends with two little girls who had Little Mermaid Barbies that changed colors.  That night he "wrote a letter" to Santa on the hotel notepad to ask for his own for Christmas! :) 

Hannah enjoys resort life 

Sassy baby

 Smiley baby

We had a room with two double beds so I slept with Hannah and Bryan slept with Joshua.  Bryan had just finished working several nights in a row and we were both pretty tired, so we went to bed when the kids did!  We slept a full 10 hours and woke up ready for a day at the zoo.

This is what my life typically looks like with the two littles- them dog-piling me and fighting for space in my lap!

We headed to the Austin Zoo which is a rescue/sanctuary zoo.  It was small enough to see everything in 1-1.5 hours which was perfect in the Texas heat and with two young kids.  It definitely wasn't as flashy or exciting as some of the bigger zoos we've been to but it was still a fun time with Brynn.   Unfortunately Brynn's parents & siblings had to work so we didn't get to visit with them like we usually do.  It was great to have that one on one time with Brynn, though.  Joshua was looking forward to our visit for weeks and was SO excited.  What a blessing that he gets to have a relationship with his amazing, loving and fun birth mom.  He adores her is blessed by their ongoing visits and relationship.  

As Joshua grows up and continues to develop his own personality and interests, it is really special to see how some of those things overlap with Brynn.  She is artistic and creative and we see those things in Joshua too.  He loved talked to her about hair (she is a stylist) and asked about a million questions about her nose piercing ;) It blesses us to see how close and comfortable he is with her and to hear him proclaim, "Brynn I grew in your tummy!".  

Of course Baby & 2 toy bottles came with us in the stroller to the zoo

Every goat we saw had an underbite.  Cracked me up. 

Joshua and a llama.  He is looking so much taller and older!

More than halfway through the exhibits and she's still got Baby on her lap 

Checking out the reptile house 

Joshua & Brynn

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"
This picture cracks me up because Joshua & Brynn are making the same face! 

Big boy Joshie with Brynn after our hot visit at the zoo 

My first zoo trip! 

Family photo- minus our sweet Caleb!

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  1. Looks like Brynn is loving summer! Can you believe how fast time is flying by!