Saturday, September 7, 2013

iPhone photo dump - Summer 2013

I've been a blogging slacker this summer and it is probably impossible for me to catch up on blog posts at this point... so I'm going to take the easy way out and do a photo dump from my iPhone and call it a day!  

We had a fun, silly, hot summer!

Caleb built incredible homes out of Lincoln logs  He loved looking at houses being built in our neighborhood and translating those designs into Lincoln log houses.

One of my Bible Study leaders gave us butterflies (in their cocoons) to watch over the summer.  The boys were so excited when they became butterflies!  

The boys had fun in our backyard with the hose and their new umbrellas.  Clearly we are not gardeners ;)

Over the summer if the boys were fighting or being unkind to one another they had to do a chore.  Joshua had the privilege of wiping the little table with Magic Eraser.

Going on a little drive with an umbrella... this was also something we did nearly every day.

Architecture by Caleb.  This one has a front and back porch on each side.

I tried out Annie Sloan chalk paint for the first time! I painted this oak-colored sideboard without any sanding or priming and finished it with a tinted glaze.  It's in our master bedroom now and I love how it turned out!

Caleb was happy to help Bryan park the truck anytime he was given the opportunity.

We had a special day just for Caleb that included lunch near campus (where he could see the A&M water tower) and walking around in the North Side parking garage so he could get an even closer look at the water tower and smoke stack.  He's one of a kind :)

Joshua drew his first real picture:  an octopus

In spite of his love for Disney princesses, Joshua developed a recent interest for Spider-Man
Trying on the Spider-Man costume from Granny's dress up closet

Classic toddler behavior.  Chasing his brother in the backyard wearing pajamas, boots and a bucket on his head... all while carrying a large stick.

Classic Caleb behavior: watching TV with his lovey and a head lamp

Sadie did this multiple times when we had summer showers... I was not happy!  She goes crazy when it is wet outside and runs laps around the yard, making sure to hit any low spots that are full of mud.

My birthday/anniversary present finally came in!  I got a new chair for our room to create a sitting area.  I bought the table off facebook consignment and chalk painted it to match.  I hope to rock my sweet Hannah in this chair!

Joshua wearing a blanket cape while pretending to be Snow White

Caleb became interested (obsessed) with Christmas light shows set to music on YouTube.  He drew a picture of his favorite one that includes light-faces on the second story.

More water fun to beat the heat- pouring buckets of cold water on little brother's umbrella!

Showing off his Ariel doll, all while wearing a toddler belt over his pajamas

We enjoyed lots of fun playtime upstairs.  Caleb still loves to build train tracks and Joshie has started to show an interest in zoo animals!

A night of zoo animal play after bathtime.  This time he built a fence around the animals.

We bought Caleb a new (to him) desk from our friends the Caraways.  It gave us the opportunity to get the glider out of his room and into Hannah's room since he had been reluctant to part with it.  He announced, "I am going to do all my work here." 

We decided to milk this Spider-Man interest for all its worth to help tone down some of the Disney princess talk.  Spider-Man underpants & socks!

Sweet brothers in the tub! I love these boys.

We did lots of swimming at our neighborhood pool.  Caleb learned how to swim over the summer! He definitely still has more to learn but made incredible progress.

We took amazing naps and had amazing bedhead.

Yet another Lincoln log creation, complete with wood floors on the bottom, a second story and an attic.

Mr. Cool Guy sporting some shades in the playroom

We took a tour of the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham with our Pickett cousins + Pop Pop! We missed you Gran Jan and Billy!

I have been working hard on Hannah's room!  I still have lots of projects left (like sewing her crib bedding!) but we did get the room painted.  I am thrilled to have a pink room in my house!

Rub a Dub Dub three cousins in Gran Jan's tub!

This big goofy dog thinks she is a 10 lb puppy.  We love her even though she is kind of a mess.  She's up to 40 lbs now.

Playing Disney princesses on his bed after bath

Glamorous life:  pulling pieces of an annihilated medicine dropper out of the disposal with pliers.

To celebrate the boy's return to school, I got a pedicure and cut 4 inches off my hair!

By the end of the summer/back to school, Caleb's fascination with water towers was back.  He is building them all the time and also pretends that he is a collapsing water tower on a regular basis.

Another Disney princess moment, believe it or not.
"Look at me, I'm Ariel with long red hair."

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